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  1. After the fail of L2 Saint and L2 Tales (only 50 / 150 players online) my CP will join L2 Neo. We played 3 years ago on Neo for the last time and it was great. If you are speaking German and looking for a CP please add me on Discord (Invokation#4666). We are currently 7 active players and still looking for more. If you are not from Germany, Austria or Switzerland but still speak some German and you want to improve your German skills, feel free to join us as well. Also, if there is a clan looking for a skilled CP with some players having over 15 years of L2 experience,
  2. I really like the discussion about your overpowered donations that is burning in the "general section" of the l2 dex forum. I strongly advice to grab some snacks and to read all future l2dex x7 players crying about the donate npc.
  3. Haha you wont believe me whats the deal with this server. It is a 1:1 copy of l2neo... I am not joking or anything. The buffer is absolutely the same (even with the "no pet buffs for necromancers" feature). The anti-buff-skill is exactly the same, just as the other npcs too. Player online, I guess arround 200... probably a bit less.
  4. I think I will try it and inform you about it of course ;)
  5. Hey Invader, I checked their forums of course and other players were complaining the same points there as well. The admin moved them to the "bad thread" section and replied that he isnt able to fix the buffer. So I dont see any chance that they can change the server to a level that would be acceptable for us. About the necro: My opinion is that if you play on a server where you are able to buff yourself every buff you want you should include the pets since the necro also has some drawbacks which are balanced by the power of his pet (for example he only has dark attacks). But the pet ha
  6. Let me tell you about some of the features the admin is not talking about since me and my friends just wasted some hours on this server. 1.) the NPC buffer is not able to save your settings properly. This means that you have to buff yourself manually every time again. 2.) You cannot save buffs for your pet. You also cannot buff your pet manually. You are depended on the buff sets for Pets that were created by the admin. There is one buff setting for Mage pets and one for Fighter pets. Lets talk clear words: They are both created by a someone who has no idea about buff-settings and abso
  7. the server has currently 120 players online (in the morning). The community is growing every day, since the admins are making advertisement for it. They have vote rewards, a nice GM Shop, an easy-to-use npc-buffer and a community, in which everyone hates everyone. We already wanted to leave the server but it is evolving great. Would be very happy if more people would join us.
  8. this sounds like it is exactly the stuff we are looking for. We will give it a try with our CP
  9. Why do all server owner are lying in there advertisements? retail like while editing skills? I won't join any server which owner lies anymore.
  10. First I made a Paladin and recognized that they nurfed it by increasing the reuse time of sacrifice to !! 1 Minute !!. Then I changed to a Soulhound and have to recognize, now that I finished to enchant my PVP armor + weapons (which are not tradeable) that steal divinity steals just 1 buff in olympiad instead of 3-5 and that Blinks reuse is 1 Minute too... Total custom server, I had to leave. Who pays me for the lost time?