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Which Ataccks U put in f1 and f2????

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hawkeye F1=dash F2=attack

Th F1=mirage F2=bluff  (^^)

DA F1= shield stun F2= aggro

Bishop F1=mana pots (^^) F2=battle heal

warlock F1= mass surender to fire F2=augmentation active skill

necro F1 = dark vortex f2 = vampiric claw


GH F1=backstab F2= hex

Sph F1= Wind vortex F2 = wind vortex slug


Domi F1=seal of despair F2= Steal essence


afta ta oliga... :)


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My bars may be complicated for you guys, I even use F3 for my main attack, then F4 as secondary. (Like you guys do with f1 and f2)

On F1, when i'm on Ghost Sentinel I place Stun shot there and on F2 Hamstring Shot or CP Potions.

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1. Backstab 2. Deadly Blow 3.Bluff 4. Lethal Blow. 5. Blinding Blow. 6. Heroic Grandeur (hero skill). 7. Heroic Dread (hero skill). 8. Soe. 9. Reeling(fishing skill). 10. Pumping(fishing skill). 11. Fishing(fishing skill). 12. CP pot.

Plainswalker FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  ;)




Which Ataccks U put in f1 and f2????

Then... 1. Backstab. 2. Deadly Blow.  :D

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try "enter chat" and put skills on 1,2,3,4... :P


huh i play this way you mention,i have use to play like this and i cant change to use f keys :S


saggi : 1 attack 2 cp pots 3 stunshot 4 double shot 5 lethal shot

necro : 1 gloom 2 cp pots 3 deathspike 4vampiric claw 5 d vortex

adve : 1 bluff 2 backstab 3 lethal 4 deadly 5 cp pots 

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F1 which one is the most powerful/short reuse altogether, same for f2. f3 is 3rd most powerful. I'm used with backstab on F4 close to F5 bluff...

I got extra buttons on mouse.. those i use for F10 etc

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