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  1. heavy metal? lamb of god arent heavy metal.. u fail. OnTopic great share..and great music :D
  2. ohhh yeah...thank you xD
  3. I already had it but i forget the -beep-ed name! i mean the program where shorcuts are on!
  4. i play on League of Legends Europe. Link: http://eu.leagueoflegends.com/ really good game! name: PaziJsSmPro
  5. so what?..its better then a movie!...it lasts 13 hours!..
  6. Spartacus - Blood and Sand
  7. Hello every1. i have a problem with my video card. I really dont know whats going on with my card. i have Geforce GTX 260. i had in cod2 700fps if i wanted(so i had 333 and 250 constantly) then i change the HDD cuz the old one was broken down(the bios was block or somethink) i change the old HDD with a new (same) HDD. i installed again winVista and in cod2 i dont have(with the same cfg) 250 constantly. i installed win7 and the same problem. i already updated my drivers. i hope for a good advice
  8. thx for all...i put earth :D mod can lock the topic
  9. im talking on high rates what do you prefer? I know that depends on skills. Im just asking for advice then i will attribute and enchant skills :D
  10. What is the best attribute (weapon) for duelist (water,fire,wind,earth,dark,holy) playing on L2inc(high rate) thx
  11. can some1 reupload it on another site...cuz rapidshare is lame if ur not premium :S (full slots)
  12. thats what i need great job m8, nice share!