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  1. Fortuna, you are the only active here. Haha, all the veterans are grew up and lost interest on this forum.
  2. What kind of stuff did you smoke today? You make no sense. I asked you to show me a reference (your past work) on which you gave me youtube video which explains how to setup/compile l2server and your "help desk" topic. You said you are an old member here, after that i asked your old nickname, since i remember people from 2008 here (well the one whose are worth to remember), show here something that i asked more and something unrelated to work. You are being unconstructive all the time, have you ever applied for a job? its a simple questions i asked you. You don't worth my time,
  3. You pmed me offering your services, i asked you for a simple reference on which you started giggling. I don't know why you still bothering. Well i am not owner of ncsoft, by i run other organization with some success, i clarify myself as certain experienced on some spheres as well as inexperienced on others. I hear almost everyday comments like "this won't work out" or "you better let it". This never stopped me. And yes i had my fails as well, not without them. i mean sure people are free to post anything they want, I am just wondering why people can't stay constructive
  4. thank you for tip :) Im gonna contact him to discuss forward.
  5. - Hobby (plus possibility to offer quality product to the consumer) - Inactivity = no connections in that sphere - ok - I got visions, as i did 8 years ago. The only difference now i have more money/experience on running something, in compare to me 7 years ago, low money no knowledge running an organization. - People misunderstand some things, as a leader, you got an product, you test, either you like and give a green light or you don't and tell what need to be improved. I don't have time to test all available project plus, i dont even know how many projects exist atm due to my inactivity
  6. I am more than happy to give that money for quality work.
  7. even if so, it's not constructive to say that way, such things. From my experience, such people don't have experience in business, I'm might be wrong. Some people have time and no money, some people have money and no time, some people have both. Either i am not here to discuss if i should do it or not, i clearly made a point of the thread.
  8. Your experience in running business is low. Please don't continue.
  9. to be honest, i have no time to test. that's why I'm looking for experienced suggestions, investing money into bs is bs.
  10. Hello, I need a suggestion for the project to decide for an Interlude server. Basically, i am planning on making gve server which is on an appropriate level for 2016/2017 and so on. Budget is not a problem. Would like to hear your suggestions.
  11. Well yes but too expensive. Lemonway has proved to be stable and reliable in that sphere as well, offering more acceptable prices.