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Which Ataccks U put in f1 and f2????

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lol necromancer ? or spellhowler?

if u mean spellhowler = f1 surrender to wind, f2 hurricane, " f3 Cp pot :D


lol u dont use vortex ? 1 surrender , f2 huricance f3 vampiriv cwal f4 vortex  , f1 bar2 cp potion f2 bar2 heal

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i always make a bar for pvp and other for PVE


if im on PVE i put next target icon on F1 to make easier select mobs for my unicorn aoe, so i can make Merrow attack easier with F2, and F3 servitor heal and F4 hydro screw


if im on PVP i change everything, macro for player name if i know whos coming to attack me, or if i dont know i put a macro to target myself so i can spam battle heal and keep target on me while summon is attacking..this is pretty useful against backstabs...when i get a chance i debuff them with wind shackle and warrior bane


if im a mage i put surrender to ..on F1, vortex on F2, and the main attack on F3...with the crusher skills i put vortex crusher on F3 and the skill on F4 so i can do everything in the right order for more damage


if im a fighter i put attack on F1 and some debuff skill like stun on F2

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TH/AW: F1: Bluff F2: Backstab

SH: F1: Surrender to Wind F2: Wind Vortex

Necro: F1: Gloom F2: Death Spike

Archer: F1: /attackforce F2: CP Pots

Destro: F1: Attack F2: Crush of Doom

SPS: F1: Surrender to Water F2: Ice Vortex

Spoil: F1: Attack F2: Spoil

Craft: F1: Manafacture F2: !WTS A/S Crafts :D

Tank: F1: Attack F2: Shield Stun

Bishop: F1: Trance F2: Greater Battle Heal

Prophet: F1: Attack F2: Mana Burn


Haha I think it was, can't remember any other classes I played :P

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But he asked about necro right? O.o




f1: Death spike

f2: vampiric claw

f3: Curse Gloom

f4: Dark Vortex

f5: mp potion (if there are) other wise Silence or Curse of doom

f6: anchor

f7: slow

f8: Any summon or fear

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What Topic is This?? LoL It was better done it in sp@m section


i have necromancer and i put surrender to wind and hurricane!


You said you have Necromancer?? and you have hurricane?? LoL

1st of all in a stuck sub server?? or in a non-stuck subs??





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f1 normal attack on every single char i played, no matter what:P f2 depeds, nuke on nuker, deadly blow on dagger, etc

(f3 is always surrender for mages or next target for fighters)

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