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  1. Hi guys, I look for IL server with LS augment buffs, any idea???
  2. ofc it is....I suggested to a server administrator to add some existing skills to a few classes like WS, BH, SWS, BD and he added them in the same day, after a few tests...
  3. also make warsmith a weak mage type with passives that increase c.speed / robe type/ soul guard / low co and hp recoveries / pdef totem and bounty hunter a class that is dagger type with puma totem, vicious stance, focus , critical damage make things fun and different to attract people to ur server... all classes should be viable in these x5000 servers
  4. make something to make summoners viable...like add them some spell for attack or something I suggest: Elemental Summoner: aura flare 110 power + solar flare + light vortex Phantom Summoner: vampiric touch 88 power + dark vortex + gloom Warlock: stone skill (augment) + surrender to earth + decay If you make changes for summoners, then I play
  5. Please I need a good server with good ammount of players, where I can donate for augment skills...I play only pure-summoner class, so I need augments to survive and fight No spam please, no advertise of ghost-empty-fail servers , I want servers that are well stabilished
  6. LF IL server with good population, solid community and cheap/fair donations (via paypal)
  7. my clan is moving to your server, 60+ people pm me and give me itens so I can bring my people to your server
  8. worst server ever...unless they make summoners able to fight with augments, i wont join
  9. worst server ever...populations is like 10ppl online also its a server where you have to farm forever...stupid changes like 1.600 c.speed cap LOL lol
  10. well problem is... Draconic Set + bow is overpowered against arcana robe and mace acumen... also doesnt help that Freay cap mages c.speed to 1999... and augment skill are like shitty in Freya...so no bishop or summoner acting like mages best thing is make a high rate server, without npc buffer, without mana pots and without change the time of buffs... leave it all retail, but add equips to gm shop, no farming...just pure pvp fun in retail style gameplay I wonder why no one ever made a server like this... and why always the same custom servers one like the other