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  1. Who told you that I am in the staff? TROLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLO idiot , one more victim trolled.
  2. xax, we will see in some days men , just wait. tommorrow is coming topzone,hopzone advertisement and advertisement in one very famous lithuan website. we are waiting for at least 400 online at next 5 days.
  3. after 2 days we will have at least 250 online , you will see , just wait.
  4. Server update: ADDED PK KILLER IN SAFE FARM. Server is online 45 minutes and there are 150 online players.
  5. 100 euros traded , i have to trade 50 more now , pm me fast..
  6. I want it to buy something. let me know what I do , it's not your problem.I just need it as fast as it's possible.
  7. I give 50€ paysafe ( 1 of 50€ ) for 40€ paypal , i need it fast. Whoever you are,you give first. Pm me
  8. I said it , who ever wants add limits. I just created it for sexomaniakos as he requested it.
  9. Just requested by sexomaniakos. Coded very fast , in 5 minutes, didn't tested. For ex: I see a player that I think he is farming with bot , i press .report targeting him. A window appears to him with a random code ( 4 - 9 characters ) and he must add it in a field. He has 20 seconds , or else he gets jail for 15 minutes as a BOT.For sure it needs some limits , but i didn't have time now. If you want to edit it pm me. ### Eclipse Workspace Patch 1.0 #P L2jFrozen_GameServer Index: head-src/com/l2jfrozen/gameserver/handler/voicedcommandhandlers/ReportPlayer.java =============
  10. I can code custom mods/features npc instances bug fixes events any other you want First 3 customers will take also Auto Pilot for free as a gift. Working mostly at Intelude client. Accepting paysafe && paypal. Talk with me