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  1. WTS adena on L2Era. PM here. Paypal only
  2. WTS 1kkk - 0,75 euro. PM me here for more info. skype - janis145
  3. Can anyine give me link for the 8 euro adrenaline?
  4. Funny thing that my trial account only lasted less the one hour >..> Did anyone had the same problem?
  5. Lineage 2 Vision GRACIA EPILOGUE http://www.lineage2vision.pl (i know free template, but rly i am not good webmaster and i think you are playing on server not web) Server will start 13.09.2012 at 19:00 gmt+2 - PVP ZONE - (auto flag, 4 mini bosses with short respawn time) - PVP REWARD - (blessed enchants and items like shirts) - INSTANT 85 - GM SHOP - SCHAMATIC NPC BUFFER - PET BUFFS - BUFF/DANCE DURATION - 3h 30/14 - GLOBAL GK - FARM ZONES - (Farm is easy) - AUTO LOOT - MANA POTIONS - AUTO LEARN SKILL - NO CUSTOM ITEMS - SUB - max 3 instant 85
  6. I hope you guys will upload the server on topzone/hopzoe right after the start
  7. I hope you guys are going to upload the server on hopzone/topzone right after the start!!