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  1. 98% from servers have protect for exploits
  2. yee this is good Phone :) tnx for share dude i like it just it is fun :P
  3. hmm realy fun :) but need test i think all players who see this in l2 will cry LOL WOW OMG WTF ... :)
  4. ihaaaaa this is realy fun :) but how can make for all buttons flash ? becouse my keyboird can flash evryone button when i klick him
  5. :) :) kungfu and dreams server are good they are protect from bugs becouse admins visit Mxc and when he see new bug shared here they fix bug now in server
  6. i think topic need locked becouse ppl just spawn now here , when have more info them can be unlocked again , thats i think
  7. 30 Second Spawn Protection.... i dont like only this ... ppl like me who play with 512 RAM need 30-40 sec or more for teleport time :) Spawn Protect 1 min i think will be good
  8. I want to tell me what l2j pack version i can support easy with 521 RAM
  9. Hello I looking for l2j pack for local test server who can suport with 521 RAM i thing L2J Archid is good for this Waht you think ?
  10. how many subclass u can stuck ? Main + 8 ?
  11. test in interlude server and dont work i got Discconect
  12. 1. in dragon-network x5 - 10 - 15 - 30 - 200 i dont know if have TvT system 2.U can read in forum how to protect from Ban 3.U can make scram players with some items and u can kill him again and u can make fun , becouse u will can kill all players who u see and donator to , and they will cry cry cry :)
  13. Man this work in many server becouse 60-70% from server are not good protect I think l2inc is goo protect I found 3 server where work this
  14. cool :) i think this is not fix in many servers yes i know dude
  15. english ?? man this is english selection , pls speak english
  16. Zual Zariche +30 Vesper Black Set + 20 / 20 / 20 / 25 / 25 Full Vesper Jewel Set +15 Tatto Level 3 Baium Hat Valakas Hat Hero Status -> time out 30 day from 01.11.2009 / 12 h.