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  1. Hello all! I wanna share a Server protector which one is working for From Interlude to HighFive servers! I used it on my server and its works fine. How it works: If player turns his lineage with Walker,bots,Phx or etc programs he gets autoban for his HWID! Not ip, not account but HWID. To play my server he needs buy new hardware. Its best protection from bots and cheaters. How to install: Open setup.exe and install it to server gameserv directory! After that restart server and whuala! Its working. All banned logs you will recieve in ProtectorLOGS directory. LINK to download: LI
  2. Good day, today I wanna announce that I am selling Aion Free To Play Goldpacks! One goldpack at Aion Shop costs 10euro, I'm selling it for 5euro! I've more than 50Goldpacks! If you buy bigger size of goldpacks, I will give some bonuses! Prices: 1 x GoldPack - 5Euro! 5 x GoldPack - 20Euro! 10 x GoldPack - 30Euro! Information about goldpack effect on account. You dont need to play on Anuhart server to have effect of goldpack, you just need to open it on your account, and goldpack effect will be not on server, but on account, all restricts will be destroyed on all AION EU se
  3. I can get many items there, I like to scam people from good servers there playing around 1k and server has low rates to hard get good items. We can do a deal if you want :)
  4. Hi! First of all I will say there it works. L2LastWar C6 Java server. All what you need is: 1. Server there are Scheme Buffer. 2. Create your Buff scheme. 3. Register to TvT/DM event. 4. Click on Scheme buffer and open table "Magic support for you" 5. Wait till you get teleported to arena. 6. Click on your created scheme. :) I dont know this exploit are shered or not.
  5. I've downloaded it and I cant verify it. Plus I get error message than trying to pull bot for farming. Is any protection here or something wrong?
  6. WTS PHX ROBE SET+4 DUSK SHIELD Roque Cloak. For all I want 10Euro. Payment will be to Donate for Maxcheaters.
  7. WTS Pheonix set robe+dusk shield+roque cloak for 10euro.
  8. Nice, great exploit, u need to hide all posts with that bug info. :)
  9. Thx for share, always waiting for that type tricks :)
  10. Gonna check it again and say are that worked.
  11. Nice link, useful downloads. Thx a lot :)