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  1. Im not related with L2lionna staff in anyway , just advertising the server i play that i consider the best one. Server will update tomorrow 3/5/2019 for 2.9 classic. At this moment its 2.8. Website - http://l2lionna.com/ Forum - http://www.l2lionna.com/forum/ Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/lionnal2/ Discord - https://discordapp.com/invite/SjUCDT?utm_source=Discord Widget&utm_medium=Connect Player base - 5k players
  2. Im Selling my account on Giran Server :Class - Phantom RangerLvl - 57Vips status - lvl 3Weapon - Noble elven bow +10Gear - Plated leather setJewls - Neck of seal / ring of seal / chronicle ring / earing of seal / Nassen earingSkills - HexDyes - +4 str -5 conAdena - 500k Payment: paypal gift onlyIm able to change email for your desire PM me with your offer , only euros
  3. -Mystic Muse lvl 80 / Destroyer lvl 78 / Sagitarius lvl 80 / Bishop lvl 79 . Nobless Items: AM acumen +3 DB focus +3 HD +3 TT set +7+6+6+6+6 Drac set +3 DC set +3 Tallum Heavy set 3x cry 12 (blue , red , green) 200x FA 2kkk Tons of mats Selling the account really cheap. PM me if interested.
  4. I want to sell: Phx Light Set +6 +3++3+3 Tateossian set +6 Dark Crystal set +6 Accepting only paypal gift PM with your offer
  5. The first to offer me 30 euros for the bow and or 20 euros for the phx L set will take it