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  1. GrisoM alter ego here, you lose I say, i go to bed and this is a boring game, but good luck with it AmOraL :)
  2. Come on people, server is still up and with over 200 ppl every day, join now!!
  3. Server is still up people, join, you will be playing a great L2J C4 Server :-*
  4. Give it a try boys, this is an excellent server.
  5. [ESP] Pa, escribilo en castellano y trato de responderte :) I just told him to tell me what the hell is he talking about in spanish so i can answer him.
  6. JavuS


    ;D just smf use this things (karma rep points, what ever you want to call them) if this was a vbulletin forum moderators instead of give or take karma would give temporary bans or perma bans. Btw i like more vbulletin forums ¬¬
  7. Its beautiful sofaki, really good work. (L)
  8. I reach the maximum of letters per post xD
  9. Thx lasthero, the list have almost no bows :P added to the list ;D
  10. Lol i didnt saw this one, i will add it with the other 2 capes :)
  11. Ask here: http://www.maxcheaters.com/forum/index.php?board=6.0 Imo Mafia will be always the best.
  12. Agree, more than a bug-exploit its a way to farm faster, but any way its a good idea 8)