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[C4 L2J] Line][Age Demons & Angels


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-= Server Info =-



   * Mobs will only drop adena, Medals and blood of Paagrio



   * Weapons max enchant is 50



   * Armor Max enchant is 29



   * Crystal scrolls will enchant your weapon to +12 and armor to +16



   * Simple Scrolls have 100% success but will be only given from instances



   * When players die in siege, they drop true gold, chance is 2% / death. Item needed for subclass and nobless



   * In order to become nobless, items from sieges and 1 event are needed



   * In order to add a subclass, items obtained from sieges and 2 events will be needed



   * Weapons and Armors are sold in Hardlins Academy, in order to prevent castle overtax



   * Consumables are sold in every town from Dion to Goddard



   * NPC Buffer with auto buff feature



   * Tax for buffs is 30%. Tax taken from buffer will be given to all castles except Aden and Giran










This is not my server, but i know the developers and i know they are good, so if you are an old fashioned C4 player like me, Join!



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well...seems good,how about the community ? when server has open ?


3 days ago, its a brand new server, with no donators at the moment (thats why this is so cool xD)

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lol looks amazing is your server Grisom?


Nope, but i know the developers, and belive me they did a good work ( i have alredy try about 30 exploits and none of them worked xD )

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wow really great^^ server is online now?


I think so, i didnt log today, btw if you or any one have troubles with registration w8 a little bit (some times gets buggy)

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i am gonna try it JUST CUZ IT'S C4.

i was looking for something like this.

and yes +50 is a lil.....TOO MUCH!

Directly Question ~-> How many are online?

the server is 3 days online...don't wait to hear something crazy,maybe...20 ppl?..

btw i am gonna get the client.

when i get it,my IG name will be NiGGz0R.

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