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  1. Φιλε mira εχεις κουρασει, αντε παρε πουλο μη σε ξαναδουμε
  2. Ωραιο diss μου 'κανες παλι γαμημενε
  3. Α ρε τρελε Ενδιαφερον φορουμ το maxcheaters το 2020
  4. As the title suggests, leave offers here or via pm. I don't care about gear, just levels and learned skills.
  5. I can't believe how a forum that used to thrive on civil discussion and was blooming with the ideas of the bright minded lads posting has turned into a cesspit of vile and hateful comments. MaxCheaters wasn't just a forum, it was an idea so strong that was deemed indestructible by many but after the takeover of brainless slugs I'm afraid of the downward trajectory this site had in the last years. Let's make MxC intellectual again!
  6. You just joined the forum, you reek of credibility son!
  7. Please, let's stay on topic and focus on the issues at hand! This is a server created by L A D I E S so let's focus on that and we can discuss any potential ventures on private messages, I don't like the eye of the public spying on new, bold ides.
  8. >Παλια πουτανα >2011 pick one
  9. Δεν ντραπηκες να το πεις αυτο?
  10. Αν ημουν εσυ θα ειχα αυτοκτονησει 12 χρονια πριν, κατα τη διαρκεια της γεννας
  11. I'm so tired of men undervaluing female efforts to succeed. The server looks great and unique but this guy Θα Σπασω Κουπες is insisting on undermining their efforts. It's so sad that in CURRENTYEAR men will go into this much effort just to spite women. His actions literally trigger me and I have to take time away from the computer after reading misogynistic posts like his.
  12. As @NOT OMGG pointed out, we as a community should be encouraging females entering the world of developing. I am certain that women have a lot to offer to storytelling through their unique perception of the world! We can expect epic stories to unfold before our eyes and as a supporter of feminism, me and people like @NOT OMGG would give our hearts and souls to the betterment of female lives and the extinguishment of the patriarchy.
  13. When will you release info about donations? I'd love to support such a project in any way possible!!! Gl girls