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  1. Welcome I've got a some problem with l2phx on hellraiser x25 server on dragon-network. The problemis that when i get any packet )example target npc, use smth) and click send that packet i gets a short teleport to the same place where i was, and then when I click anything, i gets that teleport and cant do anything. is it blocking from server? Any possible advise?
  2. Propably u are using Win 7/vista. I have the same. On previous PC, where is win XP there is no problem to run l2phx on some server IL. When i want run l2phx on laptop with Win 7 i have the same like you.
  3. This bug is really old. Propably fixed on the server you're playing
  4. Are accounts autocreate? I do not see anything on websito to make a account And can not login to game to that server.
  5. so you wanna wtt 50kk for 1 coin?
  6. what u mean? the system on win 7 is the same like on XP...
  7. Hi I need help what to do to open l2phx on win 7. I open ofcourse it as Administrator... Nothing. i trying on server where l2phx works- tested on second PC with win XP. All is fine... I downloaded also newest version of l2phx- nothing too Could some1 help me?
  8. what's about stuck sub l2java? How for u works l2phx on faction and pvp , for me works only on EoE :D EDIT: ON l2java EoE dont works, or i am doing smth wrong- when click OK to send item to other character i am getting Error and game exits... dunno why...( l2phx dont send nothing then) Now i am going to try test on others servers of l2java. Edit2: The main problem of faction server is that there is no freight wh :D Edit3: On PvP 5k the same problem like on EoE
  9. HI Could some1 try bypass this server to run l2phx on it? Or if it isnt needed tell how to run it,