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[L2J] L2 Battle Royale

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I migrated to a new VPS and I didn't bother moving the site. The server is still up on the new server but I'm playing privately with friends, as it didn't manage to achieve a stable online count.


About whether it succeeded or not, that was never a question. It was meant to be there for people that enjoyed the concept and there were a few, but if there are not enough people to rotate then it gets boring. I knew it would play out like this from the beginning, that's why it didn't have any monetization and any progression system other than cosmetics and leaderboards.

Before you say that I'm bullshiting, check here a convo with Ipo days before the launch.



I never wanted to add skillshots and client mods, even though I knew it could make it a better experience, because I wanted to keep it simple.


All I really wanted was to finish the project, as I'm doing with any other project I'm working on for the past 2 years.


It is however technically and code wise better than anything xdem has written in his entire life.

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L2BattleRoyale. Quick, fun, fair.   GRAND OPENING ON THE 27TH OF JULY 17:00 BST   The server   The game engine is designed to run infinite instanced games in parallel, so you don't have to wait to play a game. Every character has the same stats. Level is 1 and it doesn't matter. You cannot level up (for now).  Armors are COSMETIC ONLY. They give no stats or skills. The main game lobby is the town of Giran. You can queue for

what else could be expected, this guy is completely mentally handicapped

Here are some server stats from the BETA for those who like stats     Total kills: 514 Total games played: 278 People that died from the Blue zone: 30   Games played by game mode 5-Man Solo: 179 games 10-Man Solo: 79 games 10-Man Duo: 14 games 30-Man Solo: 4 games 40-Man Duo: 2 games   Total time spent in games by game mode 5-Man Solo: 6 hours 10-Man Solo: 2 hours 10-Man Duo: 23 minutes 30-Man Solo: 16 minutes 40-Man Duo: 10 minutes

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