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L2Dusk proudly present!

We do not have any type of donation
Who wish donate can do it for server maintaince only

There are NO REWARDS for any kind of donation




Server OBT: 19th Octomber 2017 at 18:00 (CET \ GMT +2)

Grand Opening: one day in Octomber 2017 at 18:00 (CET \ GMT +2) - (undefined)


Chronicles: Interlude
Server time: CET \ GMT+2




Lineage2Classic view 9/10


We have implemented an unique Event-Medal system

PVP system:
-> When you pvping(your name must be pink), the person who kill you will steal you 100 Event-Medals, in case you have less then 100 in inventory, your killed will get all your medals (for example 67 Event-Medals)

PK system:
-> When you kill a player with karma(red name), you steal form him 500 Event-Medals, in case the player with karma have less then 500 Event-Medals, in inventory(for example 389), you will take form him 389 Event-Medals.


-> Event-Medals can be exchanged in shop for various items.
-> Event-Medals canot be traded/dropped/destroyed/deposited/selled(only exchanged in shop)

-> This way there will be more action and more desire for pvp


Special Event Game Shops changes
-> Shop currency - Event Medals
-> Normal Enchant Scrolls
-> Non/Mid/High-grade Life Stones
-> Book of Giant/Strider Pet
-> Hair Accesory
-> Caradinne Letter Lv.65
-> Caradinne Letter Lv.75


Way to obtain Event-Medals:

-> kill monsters from lv.1 to lv. 87
-> they will drop Event-Medals based on thier level and difficulty
-> kill raid bosses from lv.20 to lv.87
-> they will drop Event-Medals based on thier level and difficulty

The Server conception and settings could be changed during the discussions and testing (including OBT)!



-> Exp/Sp - x50
-> RB Exp/Sp - x21
-> Adena - x30
-> Seal Stone - x10
-> Drop - chance x15, quantity х1 (If the chance is over 100% - the quantity going to be increased)
-> Spoil - chance x15, quantity х1 (If the chance is over 100% - the quantity going to be increased)
-> RB drop - chance x5, quantity х1 (If the chance is over 100% - the quantity going to be increased)
-> Epic Boss Exp/Sp/Drop - x1
-> Manor - x1
-> Drop quest item - x10
-> Quest - reward (adena/exp/sp) x1



Server gameplay


Main changes:
Special Click Shift option on monsters
-> show monsters stats
-> show monsters droplist (icon/item name/chance/amount) 

Special NPC show raid boss status alive or death
-> all world RaidBosses showoff in ascending order by thier level
-> click on boss name and view drop amounts and chances


-> Killing a RaidBoss (drop will go to the person/party which did the most damage, not last hit)

-> Autoloot - yes
-> Offtrade - yes, duration 14 days (create shop and use command /offline_shop)
-> Autolearn skills - yes 
-> Mana Potion - can be purchased for Adena (restore overtime for 20 sec - 200 MP/second)
-> Buff slots - 26 from the start + can be extended to 30
-> Weightlimit - increased x10 for every character + could be increased to x20


New special newbie assistance:
-> Lv.1 Newbie kit - TOP-NG equipment and NG soulshots/spiritshots x2000 potions HP/MP x10 Res/Teleport Scrolls x3
-> Lv.20 Newbie kit - TOP-D equipment and D soulshots/spiritshots x2000 potions HP/MP x25 Res/Teleport Scrolls x3
-> Lv.40 Newbie kit - TOP-C equipmentand C soulshots/spiritshots x5000 potions HP/MP x50 Res/Teleport Scrolls x3
-> Lv.52 Newbie kit/Lv.61 Newbie kit/Lv.70 Newbie kit/Lv.74 Newbie kit/Lv.76 Newbie kit - (useful consumables)


-> Boxes limitation - depending on the server load

-> Teleportation costs - 1 Adena for towns and retail for other zones

-> Cursed Weapons - from 1st day

-> Clan Halls - rent is increased x10


Game Shops changes:
-> Low-D grade weapon/armor - Store for Adena
-> Top-D grade weapon/armor - Store for Adena
-> Low-C grade weapon/armor - Store for Adena
-> Top-C grade weapon/armor - Store for Adena
-> Low-B grade weapon/armor - Store for Adena
-> Top-B grade weapon/armor - Store for Adena
-> Greater Healing Potion, Mana Potion - Store for Adena
-> Soulshots/spiritshots/arrows - Store for Adena
-> Other misc and Recovery Penalty, Cursed Bone, Energy Stone - Store for Adena
-> Crystals D/C/B - Store for Adena
-> Soul Crystal - from 1 to 10 level at Giran Luxory shop for Adena
-> Quest Items(clan) - Store for Adena
-> Dual Sword Craft Stamp - Store for Adena
-> Basic recipe - Store for Ancient Adena

Changes and spawn of Epic Bosses (server time, CET \ GTM + 2)
-> Core - 80 level, drop rate is 50% and change drop-list, 36 hours +-1 hour.
-> Orfen - 80 level, drop rate is 50% and change drop-list, 36 hours +-1 hour.
-> Queen Ant - 80 level, drop rate is 50%, 2 days
-> Zaken - 80 level, 48 hours +-2 hour.
-> Frintezza - 48 hours +-2 hour.
-> Baium - 5 days
-> Antharas - 8 days
-> Valakas - 11 days


Changes and respawn of regular bosses
-> All game RaidBoss respawn time 12 hours +/- randomly 1 hour
-> Flame of Splendor Barakiel (Nobless) - 80 level, 6 hours.
-> Alternative Flame of Splendor Barakiel (Nobless). Located in Blazing Swamp (upstairs). Level 80, 9 hours.
-> Shilen's Messenger Cabrio (Cabrio Infernium Scepter) - Level 80, 6 hours.
-> Death Lord Hallate (Hallate Infernium Scepter) - 6 hours.
-> Kernon (Kernon Infernium Scepter) - 6 hours.
-> Longhorn Golkonda (Golkonda Infernium Scepter) - 6 hours.
-> Varka's Hero Shadith - 12 hours, + randomly 1 hour.
-> Ketra's Hero Hekaton - 12 hours, + randomly 1 hour.


Seven Signs
-> Free teleport for everyone
-> Open NON-STOP
Enchant Rate 
-> Safe +3
-> Safe +4(full armor)
-> Max = unlimited
-> Normal Enchant Scroll - 66% chance 
-> Blessed Enchant Scroll - 70% chance
Life Stone changes
-> Non-grade: Life Stone chance to get a skill - 3%
-> Mid-grade: Life Stone chance to get a skill - 5%
-> High-grade: Life Stone chance to get a skill - 10%
-> Top-grade: Life Stone chance to get a skill - 15%
-> You will not be able to stack any augment
-> You will benefit only from the augment from you current weapon(equiped)
-> There are no differences in type of the Life Stone regarding the type of the skill: you can receive any random skill from any type of the Life Stone.

-> The higher Life Stone type is - the higher chance to get a skill.


Grand Olympiad
-> Beginning of the first period of the Olympic Games
-> Olympiad Period - retail 30 days
-> First heroes - retail(when period ends)
-> Olympiad duration period - 18:00 to 00:00 (CET \ GMT +2).
-> For non-class fights running you need - 5 people.


Classes transferring
-> 1st profession - 100.000 Adena
-> 2nd profession - 1.000.000 Adena
-> 3rd profession - 500 Event Medals
-> After complette 3rd class change you will be rewarded with 3x Book of Giant


-> Free of charge


Obtaining of a Noblesse status
-> Buy Carradine Letter Lv.65 - Store for 2000 Event Medals
-> Buy Carradine Letter Lv.75 - Store for 5000 Event Medals


A server concept can be changed in debating and after the server testing. We will notify you in this thread if any changes will be initiated.

Edited by Celestine
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Just now, X-plicit^ said:

Can you define "enchant max : unlimited" ? Unlimited with 70% chance ? or chance changes ?

Max enchant on items has been setted to "unlimited" we want to offer our players a large view of possibilityes, first of all a Blessed Scroll of Enchant will be very rare and hard to get, will not be easy to quire 5-6 of them, it may take you a whole day with your clan to get some of them, so do not worry about unlimited enchant system, nobody will raise up with shiny red weapons

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1 minute ago, X-plicit^ said:

You're saying " We do not have any type of donation." . Is this for real ? How and why ? :O

From our point of view "donations" are for help the server owner to maintain and pay host rent and any other server requirements, but we have already a budget for this kind of things. A server with donations is not that good and okey for every type of player, players hate when they sweat and waste hours and play everyday for some kind of items/level/etc... and after 1-2 weeks they see a newbie with same items and level as him, in our point of view donations are annoying, beside developers we ware also l2 players, we know the game very well and we also agree with that donations should not exist in a perfect server.

In few words, we want to offer players a stable and well built server where they can have fun, play fair, make friends or memoryes and feel the competition without "dollars assistance".

We are not asking you for money to play or get any extra item in game. And i think i expressed myself very clear.

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We are live on BETA Server

All new characters will recive BETA Rune ( +2000% all rates )

EXP/SP from x50 to x1000

Drop/Spoil from x15 to x300

Adena from x30 to x600

Call your friends inside and play a NON-DONATION SERVER


We do not have any type of donation
Who wish donate can do it for server maintaince only

There are NO REWARDS for any kind of donation




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      Enchant Rates
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      Passive balance skills 
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