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WTS Adrenaline Bot + Plug-Ins, Nextarget Radar, Asi Win Multibox. Official Keys


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On our website you can find Bots, multiboxes, radars for Lineage II \ ArcheAge.

But cuz this topic is about L2, so I wanna present:

L2 Bot Adrenalin - bot for Lineage 2 : official version 2.11++ (not cracked)

Supports all chronicles from Interlude and finish Helios, including L2Classic (RU+EU), so it works on most of freeshards and 100% on official servers.
Bypass LameGuard, Frost, hGuard, GameGuard. Unlim version bypass SmartGuard too.
Script Engine make possible to automatize adena farm 24\7: L2 Adrenalin API (Script engine docs with examples)


Price: ENG lang keys - 20$ per month  |  RU lang keys ~12.5$ per month


upd: Now you can buy some ready to use scripts \ plugins for L2 Adrenalin bot

  • Script Recorder - plug-in helps u to make ur own scripts and scan bypasses [ FREE! ]
  • TT Resipes Quests - plug-in automatically makes quests for TT jewelry recipes
  • Enchanter - plug-in for automatically enchanting weapon \ armour \ jewlery
  • Augmenter - plug-in for automatically augmentation and finding needed effects (skills \ stats \ etc)
  • Auction - plug-in for buying items from Auction House
  • Auto Backstab - PvP script which helps to use "Backstab" when you behind your target
  • Bard's Mandolin - script for automatically making Bard's Mandolin quest
  • Hunter - universal return to spot plug-in with additional features [ IN DEVELOPMENT.. ]

You can use Scripts Updater [by farmwl] (Adrenaline/Scripts/..) for downloading all scripts and plug-ins to your PC:


NexTarget - best radar for Lineage 2 : have a lot of PvP functions, custom scripts and vidgets


ASI WIN [Lineage II] - multibox for official servers (including L2Classic RU+EU)
Supports only official servers. Doesn't work on freeshards

Most payment methods are working via Oplata.info (including PayPal), so u will get keys instantly after payment.

WebMoney BL 180+

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because u buy RU key which cost less money, lol
ENG unlim keys cost 20$, RU - 700 rub
Information about it is posted on forum, so why don't u read it?


That's what does matter. No one forced you to buy the key from reseller. Use legit sources next time. No action taken.

reseller? okay...
look at link in signature and this one:

and admin of the site asiwin.com - do u see the similarity?)

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Because need to read before buy. I agree that on selling page was no information about "RU keys not supported ENG lang interface", but it's new feature, and pcoder forgot to warn me about it.
Anyway, info and link for ENG keys was on site, mb u was tried to save a few dollars buynig cheaper RU key - don't know.

If u really think that all theese was created to deceive you:
http://asiwin.com/api/adrenalin - this link u can see in bot
you not too smart, defently

Anyway, moneyback or change is not problem, I just don't understand why did you allow yourself to speak with me like an asshole, after I spend more than one hour trying to help u via teamviwer.
As u can see it's official pcoder's buy link (on screenshot) and key is valid, u have told it yourself. Why u bought RU key although u are ENG speaking - don't know


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anyway, for all guys here, keys sold by this guy wont allow you to use english language. be aware.

This guy is inadequate and liar, I do not advise to have affairs with him. Lots of of threats and curses in your address are guaranteed.
I think he tried to save some money trying to buy the cheaper key and when he realized that his plan did not work, he began to blame others.
He demanded the money back - okay, no problem:

Skype correspondence

Skype screenshots:

http://i.imgur.com/qwgugAj.png - his promise to change\delete comments

http://i.imgur.com/pnTfGKG.png - he told me his PayPal

http://i.imgur.com/rmbJmWv.png - he get his money back


[25.05.2016 18:53:54] farmwl: i am at home

[25.05.2016 19:24:36] trollo: i will delete

[25.05.2016 19:24:38] trollo: bad comments

[25.05.2016 19:24:40] trollo: but i want

[25.05.2016 19:24:43] trollo: eng adr

[25.05.2016 19:25:16] farmwl: i will give u maney back for RU key and u can buy ENG key as u wish

[25.05.2016 19:25:29] trollo: k


[25.05.2016 19:26:23] trollo: paid with credit card not wm
[25.05.2016 19:26:38] farmwl: mm sec
[25.05.2016 19:28:45 | Изменены 19:29:00] farmwl: do u have paypal?
[25.05.2016 19:35:01] trollo: yes
[25.05.2016 19:35:24] farmwl: can i send money to it?
[25.05.2016 19:35:30] trollo: yes
[25.05.2016 19:35:40] farmwl: mail?
[25.05.2016 19:35:45] trollo: elizab********sien@gmail.com

[25.05.2016 19:49:16] farmwl: send


After a refund, he ignores me, despite promises. A lot of pathos, empty threats and insults, and when he got everything he wanted - not even kept his word. You can draw conclusions.

Edited by farmwl
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you cant blame him for being mad, its your responsibility to know what you sell, he asked you simple questions - if its english, you gave him wrong answer and lured to all this mess. Or you expect your buyers to know more than you?

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you cant blame him for being mad, its your responsibility to know what you sell, he asked you simple questions - if its english, you gave him wrong answer and lured to all this mess. Or you expect your buyers to know more than you?

I know what I sell, but he did not ask anything before buying 

And that's why there was a problem: firstly buy -> trying to use -> add me in skype -> I spent 1 hour of my time while helping to set up via teamviewer ->  inadequate behavior with statements like "you scamed me" etc.

It's not normal. anyways. If person do not know how to speak with another people - it's his own problems

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    • Perfect, i will lock the topic then.
    • Thanks, its working properly right now 🙂
    • @LordWinterdid you sell it to someone called @Nezuko ?
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