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  1. WTS HAWKEYE 76 lvl ( BW HV SET / MANTICORE +8 SET , BOP , BLACK ORE SET , TALISMAN OF ADEN +5 , 21KK ADENA STOCK , 6k L COINS , 1 star/2 star attributes red server price 100 Euro add skype Apostolis N or send me message here
  2. As title saying char 100 euro avadon set 50 soes 150 If u buy all 250 euro discount skype id : Apostolis N or pm here paypal only if u want middleman his payment will be from you
  3. Hi as title says i am lf any anti captchat script for lionna pm me
  4. wts orfen in l2 mordor pm akalyptos / person they need more upgrade for their pcs
  5. 3 tallum heavy 15 euro each 2 dc 15 euro each 2 tallum robe 15 each 1 db 50 euro noble characters bishop 79 50 euro hawkeye 78 50 euro phantom ranger 78 50 euro arcana lord 78 50 euro titan 80 50 euro add me on skype Apostolis N or noxious84
  6. Thank you for the answer bro i will test it
  7. Good morning people i have paid version of adrenaline i am playing at la2dreams at the moment. ( Interlude) I woulk like to know if there is any script for mass sweep in interlude. thank you in advance P.S Show me love please no hate !! :)
  8. As the tittle says pm me with a skype so we can talk Location Greece ty
  9. ur system is not good i get dc and it says i have not enough memory fix dat please
  10. server didnt have 5k but neither 300.. they made an announcement and it was 1.5k+