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  1. https://adrenalinebot.com/en/api/example/example-of-the-purchase-and-crystallization-of-items
  2. Adrenaline Bot is most powerfull bot for Lineage 2 for last few years. It supports most of servers, bypass most of protections. It have script engine and a lot of ready to use scripts and plugins Purchases are fully automated, so key will be instantly delivered to your email after payment. We accept PayPal. License A :: €11 / month :: Unlimited game clients for private servers (Russian interface) License B :: €5 / month :: 1 client for private classic servers License C :: $20 / month :: Unlimited game clients for private and official servers License D :: $10 / month :: 2 clients for EU classic servers (Innova) License E :: $7 / month :: 1 client for NA classic servers (NCSoft) BUY ADRENALINE BOT | SCRIPTS CATALOG | FAQ | CONTACTS | API DOCS The list of supported servers is constantly changing, so, in order to avoid misunderstandings, please ask our support if bot works on your server before buying ! Even if you once used a bot on a specific server, it’s not at all a fact that it is supported now. We support our customers in Discord. Please don't ask questions in this topic, it's only for reviews. With all questions related to bot you should ask to AdrenalineBot.com Support#7900 Join our biggest Lineage 2 Botters Community in Discord (>2k users)