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Epic Way To Farm Adena [H5]


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Is only for retail mid rate servers with normal instance zones!


Make fast adena from instance drops (Zaken/Tezza/Freya etc)


Enter infinity times the instance zones per day. How ?


Found or make 1 CP to enter faster and done easily the instances. [RECOMMENDED]



1.Make account/create char healer/duelist or any useful class for instances.

   [RECOMMENDED] Duelist or Tyrant  to exp easily our bots.

2.Farm gear/weapon s80/84 300 atribute.

3.Start to make your boaccounts with 9 duelists/healers etc and  exp them to lv84.

   Location to exp our bots is the Giant Cave ( in 3 hours max to lv84 )

4.Enter instances zaken/tezza/freya with your main char.

5.Okay ? you done ? Now trade your items from main char to 1 bot and enter again.

6.Trade the items to another bot.


                  Good Luck!              Good Luck!               Good Luck!


With CP you will enter fast and done easily the bosses and take all the drops.

At tales we just farm elegia/freya weapons and sell them for 20kkk+. Then we just sell again adena amount to players from forums and make real money.

1kkk at l2 tales was 3$

Play your favourite game and make real money!


How can i farm fast adena ?


Morning :Enter the instances with your CP .

Night : Spoil knoriks (BEWS/BEAS/NOBLE STONES/GEM S ETC)


Sorry for my English


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Pardon me but this is not a hack/cheat.

You might as well have postes stuff like 'Adena making guide: go out and kill mobs, they will drop adena. Kill enough and you have a lot of adena.'


Anyone with half a brain is doing this already. Exping chars and farming with them is pretty much how anyone makes money and is what you described in your 'guide'.

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I farm fog with SPH and xp my boxes there too :) I make some adena there and then ok I solo spoil some knoricks u could make a pole and go farm loa solo aoe...too much money u could make a 2 man pt spoiler and pole and farm everythink (with poles)

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