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  1. Wts adena at Giran NA Classic server. Current stock: 500k+ you can check my history im trusted, and have done a lot of deals. accepting payment via PayPal. for more info add me on skype: ivstavrev (j) or pm me here. if i don't respond on Skype in a couple of hours, give me a call because sometimes messages don't go through.
  2. WTS Adena - 1kk = 0.9E (discounts for big amounts) Current Stock: 0kk Tyr - lvl 43 (naked, first owner, clean acc) 15E BH - lvl 43 (naked, first owner, clean acc) 20E WC - lvl 50 (naked, first owner, clean acc) 50E SWS - lvl 50 (naked, first owner, clean acc) 45E BD - lvl 50 (naked, first owner, clean acc) 45E SE - lvl 50 (naked, first owner, clean acc) 40E Sold Warlock - lvl 51 (naked, first owner, clean acc) 40E BH - lvl 50 (naked, first owner, clean acc) 40E Craft - lvl 50 (naked, first owner, clean acc) 45E Tyr - lvl 50 (naked, f
  3. your pm's are full so add me on skype csoba.martin , i have big stock and best prices.
  4. actually i wont be surprised if they sold even over 500 licenses, much cheaper than adrenaline and gets the job done even tho atm its in a basic form.when you keep in mind how much people bot, its more than possible.
  5. ronin bot is working tho ;/
  6. if a server changes it's rates because some random (no offense to you my friend but i mean not some clan leader of 100+ ppl zerg) spammed a bit that in his opinion its better to be with lower rates, it means it's a fail project.Team behind it don't have a clear idea what they are doing and in before they start listening to every suggestion from a single user and make it a complete shit.
  7. New Skype is bugging badly give them a skype call and it will send the msg trough.
  8. the ronin bot is working there easy farm
  9. would you share the GF project you are interested in? (im looking for something decent to play aswell)
  10. well i was interested in a GF server and i asked their support when they will be supporting it and he told me that by end of february gf will be implemented.
  11. if you cant block phx whats the point in the server? ronin/adrenaline will bleed you out.
  12. well vercetti did pay adrenaline so it wasn't working, he just got overran by that new ronin bot which launched their beta at the worst time for the poor greek.