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  1. Russians will join for sure.No matter what there will be always bots/trains/RMT
  2. did you play at their last project?they said after 4 years we came back but i don't remember them
  3. windows 7 Professional, windows defender is disable
  4. As you can see at video it's not working,this version is the free one that pto re-upload it and many guys confirm that is working but not for me,at 0.52 in the black window it says 1)Thread suspend error:2, 2) Initialization failed.some1 told me to delete adsmon config file and when i open adsmon.exe choose adrenaline,i did that too without any success,i run it as administrator.can any1 give an advice or something?i wanna tell you that i'm not so good with computers so if you can help me try too explain with simple words or steps so i can understand, tnx in advance :) here is the video :
  5. s emena den to anoigei,otan anoigw to adsmon m vgazei to parathiro me to creating progress bla bla bla adrenalin...OK kai meta svinei mono tou,mipws mporei kaneis na m pei ti ginetai? apenergopoihsa to antivirus/windows defender alla k pali den to trexei,san na mplokarei kati to 'start"
  6. H5 is very easy with cp,even if you play solo you can earn some adena with this way but you have to be lucky