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  1. Kalhspera sthn parea tou Max..!! Exw ena provlimataki me thn Dynasty, Exw alla3ei 3-4 paketa me dynasty armor,doulevoun kanonika alla h Robe me thn Light einai akrivws idia textures, pws mporw na epilusw to provlima auto?
  2. I Looking for Anti-Captcha (adrenaline) http://i64.tinypic.com/2zdy74g.jpg
  3. I Looking for Anti-Captcha (Adrenaline) http://i64.tinypic.com/2zdy74g.jpg
  4. Kalhspera sthn parea kai kalh xronia..!! Exw 2 arxeia script kai 8a h8ela thn boh8eia sas gia na ta kanw 1... opoios gnwrizei as me grapsei apo katw ena sxolio h se pm... euxaristw..!!