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  1. Read the [Add Server Rules].
  2. It will work even with the latest Mysql/navicat. Do not download files from other sites.. Just google the programs. My opinion it's to update your mysql to latest.. But if it's just a test server, ok. Locked.
  3. You can import your npc(s) manual.. Go to navicat --> custom_npc or npc table, and start type info like the other records in your table. Just change the npc type like from L2Npc to L2Merchant.
  4. I don't know what file is.. I'm talking about the main code for this drop list.. Maybe the HTML, which show the droplist.
  5. Not what SweeTs said.. He said remove the bracket.. only ("%exp%") how the code will read your rates? http://lmgtfy.com/?q=what+bracket+means
  6. No matters if you use L2OFF or L2J, you have full buffs for 2 hours+, so the balance, stopped called balance anymore.. Any "balance" mod, it's just a waste of time to import it.. Not saying that Isn't working or something, but you can work with the resists first. For example: <skill id="1352" levels="1" name="Elemental Protection"> <set name="mpInitialConsume" val="14"/> <set name="mpConsume" val="56"/> <set name="target" val="TARGET_ONE"/> <set name="reuseDelay" val="10000"/> <set name="hitTime" val="4000"
  7. Πρέπει να πας στο σημείο που είναι ο κώδικας και να το αλλάξεις. Λογικά θα είναι μέσα στα gameserver/model/instances. Για να ξέρεις πιο είναι απ'όλα, πήγαινε στα npc, και δες τι type γράφει το npc. Π.χ type="MapNpc". Εκεί θα δεις από που παίρνει το time του, και θα καταλάβεις τι αλλάζεις.
  8. If he want only S-Grade and the server it's retail armors, Frintezza neck, Queen Ant Ring/DC/Tallum Robe, will be available.. He said restrict for all, armor/weps etc.. So, he need the check. Only in .command, will be bug.
  9. Rename the Player for L2PcInstance. What you asked, players will cannot use .command to teleport in zone with x type/grade.. But you will need also a check on Item.java on method checkCondition.
  10. That's better yes.. :P He can keep the config.
  11. gameserver/handler/itemhandler/HeroCustomItem.java Σβήσε αυτό. updateDatabase(activeChar, Config.HERO_CUSTOM_DAY * 24L * 60L * 60L * 1000L);
  12. Why you think a old rev it's better than latest? aCis always had issues in every cycle.. The 3-5 firsts cycles it was better.. Try to find those cycles and good luck..
  13. Try this one. if (command.startsWith("easy")) { if (!activeChar.isNoble()) { activeChar.sendMessage("Only Noblesse players can teleport."); return; } else { activeChar.destroyItemByItemId("consume", 57, 50000, activeChar, true); activeChar.teleToLocation(89006, 27373, -15691); activeChar.sendMessage("You have teleported to easy farm zone");
  14. gameserver/handler/itemhandler/HeroCustomItem.java Remove this updateDatabase(activeChar, Config.HERO_CUSTOM_DAY * 24L * 60L * 60L * 1000L); Locked. Already posted on Greek section.
  15. Before the code for teleport put a check if (command.equals("teleportTo")) { if (!activeChar.isNoble()) activeChar.sendMessage("Only Noblesse players can teleport."); activeChar.teleToLocation(list, 0); activeChar.sendMessage("You have been teleported to " + list + "."); }
  16. Jesus christ!!! Locked. About your reply for "what site is this", we helped you in more than 50 topics from you this month.. You got the answer from the first day.. Don't be rude..
  17. AbstractNpcInfo.java You can set writeC(cha.isChampion() ? 2 : 0); Without any config, just put this and tell me..