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  1. 28Euro/month the start pack. https://smart-guard.eu/en/purchase There are not cracked files or something.
  2. 12 is good enough for you needs... Do not spend more money for something more.. Trust me.
  3. Item.java you can check the type of the weapon you want for restricted like hero weapon does. On AbstractOlympiadGame.java in method PlayerStatusBack, you can disarm the weapons.
  4. You can use this.. Gameserver\data\xml/spellbooks.xml (There are all Books/amulets id)
  5. Read my quote.. You have 3 Options to block the heal: RequestMagicSkillUse | In check for Ctrl button, you can block the skill type. L2Character.java | Search for L2RaidBossInstance and you will understand what you have to do. Heal/HealPercent.java | Easy way to block the skill type, but players can cast the heal on mobs/doors(without any HP result ofc). For me, work on already check in L2Character.java file.
  6. You can disable it from Heal & HealPercent.java, you will be able to use the heal skill, but without HP result on bosses, door, etc. As I understand, you don't want even the effect from heal on npcs/doors etc. So, L2jfrozen have already config for bosses(raid/grand). Open L2Character.java and search for L2RaidBossInstance. Just put in there target instanceof L2MonsterInstance || target instanceof L2NpcInstance || target instanceof L2DoorInstance So, the players will be not able to use the skill type heal/heal percent. If this won't work.. Then, as Sweets s
  7. You should put the check in the proper lines. Heal.java HealPercent.java in the right place. I'm not sure, but I think frozen already have config for this.. Dunno. Search on your configs.
  8. Agree, but there is and another way than to adjusting the formulas.(If you want to keep it clean) I'm not saying that is wrong, but I know a easier way witch it works. At least for a server without custom stats/armors/weapons. For example the archer can deal damage 4k+? Work with his crt damage(not crt rate). Fear/Silence/Anchor won't success? Work with resists or from core side if you know what you are doing.. To be honest, the whole system comes from buffs, that's why dance/songs/pet buffs and etc are supposed to be 1 min. You can build your own "balance", I don't think a
  9. What you mean with all master skills? All subclasses available in one npc? Inform about project/client.
  10. This works with double click on box. Item Box 6517. Skill ID 2207 lvl 2. <skill id="2207" levels="3" name="Item - Black Treasure Box"> <set name="reuseDelay" val="500"/> <table name="#extractableItems"> 57,1000,20.312 8752,1,17.896;6622,1,17.664;8762,1,15.312 57,1000,20.664 </table> <set name="capsuled_items_skill" val="#extractableItems" /> <set name="target" val="TARGET_SELF" /> <set name="skillType" val="EXTRACTABLE_FISH" /> <set name="o
  11. Θα σου πρότεινα να αρχίσεις να γράφεις μερικές πληροφορίες για το πως θα είναι ο server που σκέφτεσαι να συνεργαστείτε, τι ακριβώς δουλειά προσφέρεις εσύ προσωπικά και τι ψάχνεις να σου προσφέρουν. Γενικά, όσο το δυνατόν περισσότερες πληροφορίες, θα τραβήξει την προσοχή του αναγνώστη έτσι ώστε να υπάρξει πιο γρήγορη επικοινωνία. Επίσης ρίξε μια ματιά εδώ γύρω για μερικούς οδηγούς όπου πιθανόν να σε βοηθήσουν στο να στήσεις τον server σου. Μετακίνησα το θέμα στη σωστή ενότητα. (Έχει διαφορά το L2OFF με το L2J). Καλή συνέχεια..
  12. To be honest, the only thing that you have done, it's a new record guinness on new accounts after your bans.
  13. You just open my mind and took the words.. I had a conversation with Designatix about this.. Yes, people are afraid to share, because as always we will jundge the guy who share something.. Criticism it's something else, as you try to do sometimes. With criticism you can learn something, but when they come in your share and judge you like "delete this shit code you idiot", and etc, Isn't cool.. I started this thing with java before years because I liked the game. I never said I'm a develoepr because I'm not.. I already I said that many times.. I am self-taught, I learned 2-3 t
  14. There Isn't any project like this.. Always you will find bugs, always you will work on balance, and you can't do nothing about this.. So, probably you will pay for a frozen or acis project with promises.. But when you will understand how l2j works, you will get the point and you will regret it.. My opinion? Just pay a developer for your requests. You will spend money, but you will build a better project. Trust me.. But if you won't spend so much money, then sorry.. Without any knowledge about l2j developing, you will never build your server.
  15. You cannot post before 24 hours passed from your last post. That's why your replies was deleted. Look at your 3 last replies.. Your last 2 replies will be deleted again. Edit your last reply and post your updates. It's too simple to follow the rules. You can post your previous reply after mine..
  16. STARTING_BUFFS = Boolean.valueOf(otherSettings.getProperty("StartingBuffs", "True")); LOGGER.warn("StartingBuffsMage[Config.load()]: invalid config property -> StartingBuffsMage \"" + buff + "\"");
  17. 2004-2010 it was the best years of Lineage II game(this timeline for me). If you played between those years, you know what Lineage II means. The best game! 2011+ just a habit.
  18. Read the rules and edit your title.. Otherside the topic will be junked..