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  1. We are proud to announce Lineage 2 EspadaWorld100x, opening it's wings on 15.04.2020! Here you have All Features About Server !!! SERVER RATES Exp: x100 SP: x100 Adena: x300 Drop: x1 Spoil: x1 Quest Drop: x30 Quest Reward: x10 Manor: x5 RaidBoss: x3 Party Bonus Rate: 2.00;2.20;2.40;2.60;2.80;3.00 Safe Enchant: 3 Safe Max Enchant: 20 Normal Scroll Enchant: 68% Blessed Scroll Enchant: 86% Element Stone: 55% Crystall Stone : 55% RAIDBOSS & INSTANCES INFO Boss: Ant Q
  2. Hello in PhantomPlayer script i have 1 a problem i try to move script in ava source but..., all is fine when i spawn the phantomplayers all is dead :P can help me some1 with this problem?
  3. Hello my friends im glad to announce you my Open Beta Server is Open who want to Join US are a Wellcome !!! I start this project from a 2 years ago and i working very hard in java server, website and more..., i adapt many scripts the based for this project is FanDC but i change it many i make it somethink different PS. If you like my idea u are wellcome to Join in Our Community for test it !!! Here you have the link for my website EspadaWorld Beta Test Server!!! EspadaWorld Face