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  1. so you introduced a hi5 project and in the end you will open interlude. looks like you keep making the same mistakes like in the past. my cp is out . good luck in this
  2. your previous interlude attempt didnt end up well. why people should trust you know ??
  3. l2 Dawn admin delay open server 2 years now.. so it might attract some low rate interlude fans
  4. very nice server but i doubt about online numbers.
  5. evoke-remorse-dawn should cooperate and open 1 lowrate server.. opening low projects in same time will split the (low rate lovers) community . good luck all
  6. you forgot to mention half chars in stream are ghosts. also check this link.
  7. your access in forum is forbidden.. i am banned or forum not ready ?
  8. well nobody said that server is empty.. perhaps its better than skelth in population. the problem is that new players cant catch up easily.
  9. instead of acting like this you should cooperate to create 1 good project.
  10. so any news for your server opening ? you prepare it more than 2 years.
  11. donation for lunargent-hellfire oil and pets(kooka-wolf) should be removed..and instead of them you should put accessories in my opinion.
  12. despite the whole drama about the name/owners etc.. server started without 1 single ddos attack,lag spike etc. 2000+ players and still growing. ty for this.