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Everything posted by DavidoffClassic

  1. man you are kid or you have kid brain you never gonna be admin with this mind you are just a fail kid rly you think you will have even 100 pleayers in your server? noone gona play this piece of shit . Moderaotrs please deletee the server from mxc this guy is not rdy to be admin he is kid
  2. you add s grade in classis? and also you think you will not have bugs? i will say you something i cut my dick your server will not even open is faill 1000000% players support classic because is CLASSIC with no shits like s grade and ancient etc moderators delete this trush full of bugs server
  3. before we judge? man are you serius files are 100%java and full buged as i can see just delete this server from mxc
  5. i think they scamm you .. he give you full bugs files with out english htmls try to get your money back my friend . Hopw much you buy this files?
  6. stalone make a diferent server and now ALL community Copy paste him xD animals
  7. go open your fail era and play with fake bots xD
  8. y i like too the idea, low rate gve fucking awesome respect to stalone
  9. i say before open this server is fail and he fail hardly
  10. destiny lionna dragon era zaken and all this shits is from mouse / brazon dont even log full of bugs even buffer is bugged and with seven sign update we will have party with bugs xD
  11. mouse we know redmoon is big damage foor yoouo stop cry
  12. ohoo i cannot wait till 30nov alot of ppl will come for sure
  13. copy more stalone style retards
  14. naah attack to private servers? guys new era comes for lineage 2 , Lineage 2 reborn again ;)
  15. why to play in ru srv? all speak in russian + ALL ru ppl use adrenaline non stop 24/7 redmoon is beter for sure
  16. hahhaha wtf your beta is dead L2Redmoon has more than 350 players in beta
  17. fuck you mouse get a life vercetti fucks your sister
  18. fucking russian servers what are you doing here? dont promote your russian shit in europe players you will fail
  19. tommorow saga/destiny will be done all will join redmoon for promocode
  20. this server is l2saga (because he fail and he open new server before server machine expire) or is brazon-mouse for suree