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  1. L2Destiny.ws (mouse-brazon) detected, dont even try to log
  2. waste of time in destiny , L2Redmoon is Comming all players from destiny / saga will go in redmoon. L2Redmoon Is new Era
  3. this server have alot people online 2-3k prime time
  4. what the fuck is that forum
  5. egine kai o baggos l2 modarator mhn xesw
  6. maybe maxcheaters are dead ?? thats because no one reply ,also how you can call one server dead when is top 2 in all votesites and his forum have more activity than maxcheaters ?
  7. l2 pandora PTS ahahahha he use crap l2scripts files full of bugs and he say pts xD xD
  8. and also l2dragon announced for opening 7/9/2018 4 servers in 1 mounth he is a facking scamer dont log in his servers