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  1. Well,anyway I also think would be better to make such features on another files,why u build it on these from other server,i think it may make players leave faster than they would or not even try it.Beta phase seems to dissapoint when saw such similarity.At least enchant rates and buff slots are the only thing worth.Changing a bit will make it way better.
  2. By the way,system needs lot of fixes especially at items names. Files seem to be used at another server as well if i am not wrong, (Your Htmls write L2Ryan.... LOL..).
  3. I like these three things : epics not on shop, and only 22+4 buff slots, and 66% enchant with every kind of scroll. Looks clean gameplay and some old style pvp.I hope you can get some decent online. I'm in at beta stage.
  4. Yes, but that's how it works,i know it seems to happen something wrong,it looks weird also. I am just telling that this is normal behaviour
  5. Check again above,i spoke about having a look on film from retail gameplay,not just priv servers.
  6. Yes,you can check out videos from retail gaming.You'll see same happens,of course you can change it if you'd like to,but yes it's normal.
  7. It's normal this way,nothing wrong with it.This how it works everywhere. Damage has been already calculated once the spell/arrow casted thats why it happens so.
  8. This thing overall is getting worse, so don't expect anything bug-less to come out.No one would start develop something that is so old.However for me,old admins with knowledge opened servers using archid sources or such old files and packs (ofc there were many bugs also) did greater job at opening servers with more balance and better overall gameplay than nowadays,so i believe if those files still developed they could've been better around.I think there is not any so-called "best files", however files can simply be better if compared to other projects.Sad thing is the a fact that most files ar
  9. I don't think there could still be anyone who didn't know about nick colors,plus anyone can easy find hex numbers and colors just by searching for some seconds.Still good job explaining it in the video,about hex numbers and colors detailed, good sound and subs,overall good looking video.It's nice,may be still helpfull.
  10. But don't forget that leveling is an important piece of a gameserver,and one of the features that make the game beautifull.Despite that just try to remember old projects and pvp style servers,they were successfull (at least at collecting a big amount of players) and they were using leveling system as well. I think it's just players who got bored of leveling up and farming on same zones over and over throughout years of playing and now prefer not to farm at pvp server.So because players don't prefer a leveling system in quick servers,doesn't mean it's stupid tho.A good configuration can make go
  11. If you mind remove this background color,it's annoying when reading.btw better post it on preview not here.
  12. Actually it's not gonna harm something that it's most part is "dead". Many servers used this and still do,you can't stop bot world in this game no matter what.Everyone prefers real competition,and not killing bot characters,however it's only matter of time till players completely stop to play on priv servers.Game is way too old,and i agree with developing new things & ideas.So in my personal opinion,he did well developing a better system,because no matter what servers would still use this,so why not use this version instead,wich is better and look like reality,esepcially on mass pvps.
  13. Np mate. Hahaha okay, i'll wait for it. Please and some piece of chocolate on it.
  14. Nope. Just asked it from someone else who did though. By short i mean the duration of. As for example,it depends on server's time settings. I think yes, if server configured time is fitted real one, if not it would show day/night depends on what time it is in game.
  15. 1) yes 2) I think yes,but they last short 3) I think should be done instantly
  16. Nice fraps dude. By the way, BP with "feeling", nice skills. Keep fraping :)
  17. No mater what you'll decide on,just figure out a way to secure a good amount of players online.Start promoting the servers name and overall idea long enough before open,try make players follow server's news,become a good brand name.Me personally i'd prefer H5 or clas, but about platformeveryone has different opinion.Just think what you want to create,what you need to create and go for it.About advert i don't know if it really matters where you post.Just Just try welcome newcomers,and give them a reason to join you,something unique and attractive,and show them that you somehow going exist longt
  18. GvE idea is always good in my opinion,they are fun to play and players upgrade their equip and skills by pvping,loved to play on it.However i think that is hard to attract players on such type of server nowadays,so i'd suggest you choose an aero type,or a total opposite low rated server.Don't go for same mid rates that exist around.No matter what you'll go for,just focus on making a proper advertise and a populated name & create a community long before you open.
  19. Server is Java,not Off. Very low online,bad overall support.
  20. yes,it can work just for players who start and play stable with specific class and just stay with it on high rates. (archer,tank). (they don't need subclasses for noblesse anymore on such servers since they use some item,coin) As i mentioned for instance,i always like to do it with Shilien Templar.And mostly others think i use bug on archer class, bcoz light armor+db+dm augs+deflect arrow, pwn all other archers,wich is the class that the most players of a high rate server play with. Fun fact is,that players ask me how they don't damage me that much,they don't even know that i pl
  21. Since usually asked me on pvp servers how to do this,i'd like to share it. Here is a small trick on how to bypass armor/weapon masteries penalties. It's easy,and only seconds required :P Create your character. Classes: Archer (can't equip heavy), or Tank (can't equip light). Don't change class,even if server's starting setup require it,close window from "x" and walk to town's GmShop. Buy your heavy gear (Example Iq set for archer etc.) and your desired weapon, or light gear (Example Drag Set For Tank etc.) and your desired weapon. Now wear your
  22. Interesting,nice effort and well explained guide,thanks for it.Well done! (Btw,i think it's better to post it on server discussion? )