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  1. It's not a java thing, it's client based and client software not coded in java
  2. Thats was long way past, now they have enough money to start ignoring people :D but anyway based on personal experience with them, currently only TopZone is bit helpful and it take him 24 hours or less to answer Well on Topic : It's not a Real API it's a simple <?php echo json_encode(['some' => 'values', 'in' => 'json']); So you can mock this simply in your local web server and then just change links and Keys... i went for this Solution when i was building L2Ninja ACP, and then @Reborn12 helped me to test it.
  3. maybe you miss a quote here msg="811;Farm Zone 1 width="134" height="21" has to be : msg="811;Farm Zone 1" width="134" height="21"
  4. I can confirm that, Same happen with me, i made a topic with +100 images and some randomly work and some not, i thought it's cause it has a lot of images but looks like it happen in other topics. But also since most images not hosted on MaxCheaters then it could be the hoster limiting connections, so can you please tell me the hoster of this images ? is it postimage ?
  5. I don't think it's good solution, but i think limiting reputation points that user can give per day and also make it only for few sections since i see alot of rep points in Spam Topics which is really reduce the value of of it, and it's not important for anyone now +100 points == -100 points , currently reputation represent nothing. Also i suggest having a Section for suggestions....
  6. No Problem :D --------------------------------------------- Update : - Converting Application to be Block-Building Based which means Application it self it will as only Manager and Container for plugins , All Features will be shipped as separate Plugins, Even Official and Main Features , For Example : Encryption is a Plugin that you can Enable, Disable or Uninstall - Application will come Packed with Some Official Plugins all u need is to go Activate them - There will be Plugins Store, where you can find all "Trusted" Plugins - Will Try soon to Add a Docum
  7. Thanks alot for your support i'll contact you about French files and yes they are as .xml with root "<messages>" and elements of "<message>" About your suggestion , do you mean the background image or the image icons ?
  8. Hello once again, First of all Sorry for people who thought that this project will be abandoned cause it will not be ... Second i would like to inform you with what's going on, since it's your right to know.. The Public Version is ready to go but before uploading Thanks to @Sinister Smile he recreated the splash Screen as follow Which i personally liked it so much, then he did for me this slide So i thought that the current Application interface is sucks so i started to re created the interface based on this two designs of @Sinister Smile and after a
  9. Hello once again, My Apologies for being away for sometime, at this tutorial we gonna discuss working with Linux as Hosting OS for your L2J Server an we will be talking about the advantages of using Linux. so let’s cut this off and get started. Table of Contents : – Who can use this tutorial ? – What is Linux ? – Which Distribution to use ? – Installing Linux on Personal PC or Virtual Machine – Getting familiar with Linux Command Line { Terminal } – Connect to Linux Server with through SSH Remotely – Learn to Manage Users, Group
  10. Use Bump Button next time to not get locked or deleted and please follow Forum Rules and don't spam
  11. Provide full information about your problem to allow people to help you, which server you get it from ? if you know the game guard is used ? few info like this wont allow anyone to help you
  12. Started to be Irony which is not my favorite but any way it's simple as i can see, Good luck
  13. if it's asymmetric encryption then there must be a packet that exchanges encryption key where you can replace and initiate a new key pairs , it must be sent at the very beginning , and if it's symmetric encryption then there must be somewhere in apk where encrypt data and this is where you can reverse the algorithm and emulate, if you have this files lemme take a look
  14. After Exception you should find a Stack Track on first Stack you'll find the file that has the error, i can't judge by just looking at this error without actual code but it seems like you have a wrong written "where" clause like WHERE PENDING = "blablabla" instead of WHERE blabla = 'PENDING'
  15. AI Systems and Computer Vision Projects usually costs thousands of euros, so if you can tell me your problem maybe there is a better solution, or you can add me to skype, it's on my profile