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  1. In our time, both are not cars, it's marketing trash. If you want to get a good car, without problems with engine and transmition, take a look in French or Chinese devices.
  2. Hello! How he can be sure about the info on this site? Players may give bad feedback (for example boters or RMT traders who got banned may share fake and bad info), how you will check it? How we can be sure this site owner is not paid by any server's owner for possitive feedback? If everybody will be free to share his own opinion about any project, so.... what's the point of this site? It's just another MxC. Anyway it's a good idea, but I guess nobody will trust another top list, since it's 2020 and we know too many sad storys about corruption in l2 and near l2.
  3. Hello, What is your difference from the others?
  4. It's fake. You stuck your own connection, nothing more.
  5. If somebody worked with ANY project as an advertiser, this doesn't mean he involed in "black things". Before you name anybody "bad guy" you should be 100% sure, otherwise you are word-wanker.
  6. Hello! Looking for a guy who can increase votes in such sites as: / / / and so on.
  7. Random email, Joined Dec-2017, 1 Warpoint, all of this don't make you trusted.
  8. If this forum is full of "haters" and "kids" what are you doing here ?
  9. Hello all! Looking for a developer who can make a java script, which will recognize symbols on the captcha. For example: I upload any imagine with letters (like on any captcha) and script must show letters on this imagine. This task is not about lineage. Contacts in profile. Best regards, Pingo!
  10. Added new service: increase votes on Hopzone / Topzone / L2Network. More info via Skype. Best regards, Pingo