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  1. He means the code of the automatic restart you've added on your server so someone can see where is the problem and help you out in case something is wrong which i guess it is since you have a problem.
  2. Post the code here of the commands so i can help you.
  3. Finally a good faction h5 server! I'll be there for sure, best of luck!
  4. All i can see is a server owner that tries to build a server, tries to fix problems, tries to communicate with a trashtalk random guy who just saying bullshits and never lost his calm while you keep trashtalking and not even paying attention to what he says just pointing out what your braindead mind has inside and this "opinion" will never change because you're one of those guys playing in servers for 1-2 weeks getting bored, leaving and then blaming the admin. Ofc problem started when anyone with zero knowledge have access to files to open a server but community is dying because of the community itself.
  5. Title updated. Next time read rules!
  6. Very nice designs i like them! Good luck mate.
  7. Χαχαχααχ εγω βγαζω περισσοτερα και απο τον Καρα με inspect
  8. χαχαχα δεν ειναι αυτο που νομιζεις ωστοσο ναι 3 λεπτα ;p
  9. Μου εχει πει ο Νικος να μην τα δειχνω αλλα για να σε πληγωσω για το βιντεακι στο τσατ οριστε...
  10. ρε φιλε οταν πας να πεις κατι και μου το γραφεις με greelish και πας να πεις κατι "σοβαρο" υποτιθεται περιμενεις να βγαλω εγω τα ματια μου να το διαβασω; γενικα πολλες φορες κοιταζω να δω τι παει λαθος αλλα τουλαχιστον κανε το σωστα.
  11. βαρεθηκα το διαβασμα καπου στον σεβασμο.