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  1. Negative reputation abuse without reason

    True lol ;p i could never understand why someone would like his content xd
  2. [L2J] L2Aaron

    If you ever do works on ur own then i may listen to ur shiets.
  3. [L2J] L2Aaron

    temporary? XD he open server every start of winter/summer and he get a lot of ppl online, you tried to reopen again and again tons of times with fail renames on l2rebirth, l2xeon, etc and you still used the l2fortune pack which was so old and full of bugs and failed every time xD Now on designs you rip designs, you take a ready psd put a text and claim it as urs.. In your whole life until now you're failing on everything you're trying to do and still speak about others? You say shiets about me, about aaron, about everything is better than you or ur works xd
  4. EN One question

    link seems broken, i guess you mean the Store
  5. Nice work, thanks for sharing! btw is this your work?
  6. [L2J] L2Aaron

    You jelly? ;p On topic, good luck brotha, i know tho you don't need it but still ;p
  7. Kalispera @PaulAnny Mporeis na koitakseis edw pera iparxei ena palio guide gia auto pou theleis:
  8. EN Happy X-MASS everyone. And new year of alcohol and fun.

    If you're feeling better than yeah you;re better ;D
  9. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

    Merry Christmas everyone!
  10. Nice one :) Good job once again buddy
  11. Negative reputation abuse without reason

    @Maxtor Good idea about the reputation system is a warning for first time someone is giving just 1 rep negative for no reason and if it's spam (like the ones you showed) 3 days ban, if he continue to do this removed the ability to give reputations. Because it's not fair because some randoms got low IQ and they use a system we've added to reward active members and abuse it ending up removing this system for everyone because they are lowbrained.
  12. ONE CLICK EDIT - MMORPG Fantasy LOGO by Ave

    I don't see anything bad on this, i mean if i've ordered a logo design from you for my project and the project after sometime dies if someone else likes the design i wouldn't see it bad idea to see that. We always see ripped sites all over again almost all pvp servers got ripped sites and some of them are the same just logo changed, so if the owner of server wants something similar to this then it's fine from you, you do what they ask you to do.