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  1. I've been waiting for this, im glad it wont be late to open! Will be there for sure!
  2. The most used info i've ever seen are "user: root pass: root" XD
  3. Well, unfortunately not everybody knows that, i've seen this a lot of times while creating websites with scripts having the same details as the ones in the server configs because they didn't know about that ;p
  4. The background ad is custom made, meaning there is no configuration to disable it for specific membergroups. About the rest ads, dunno if there is still an option on commerce like it used to have for the membergroups only @Maxtor can verify that.
  5. About that, you have to keep in mind that allowing remote access to your dedi/vps database means that if for instance somehow someone got the db details (usually the db name will be the default one from the pack and most users their user/pass is user root/pass none or pass root) anyone knowing the db details can connect to your database remotely, making this option unsafe. Just keep it in mind. p.s. Thanks @Nightw0lf for noticing that you didn't get a reply on that.
  6. An update in case you wanted more proofs. https://youtu.be/eqqM-lkBA1E Thanks to @`Son
  7. I simply don't care. We've had that conversation again and it didn't had any point of discussing. Topic locked if anyone of the mods wants to take any actions and they are free to do it.
  8. So if i sell something to someone and inform people that i will provide free support for future updates and when the customer wants an update because his patch is not working any more, or for any reason, am i right not helping them since i've mentioned that they will all receive future updates and help from me? If you can't handle doing this work you can stop any time or you can stop receiving more clients in case that's a lot of work for you.
  9. I've sended you some proofs but you choose wisely the ones you could prove that you've send them updates (which was like 2 users out of 10 reports) but it wasn't enough for you. If you want to blindfold your eyes to these and look only what want to look it's not my problem.
  10. he means the restrictions and stuff they've added i guess
  11. I sincerely hope someone would explain you the whole situation in a way you will understand instead of just saying what you want to say and not even paying attention to what others say to you.