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  1. Screenshots of your payment is not a proof mate. It's just proves you paid him, but where is the scam proof?
  2. It was jelly you didn't use it and it wouldn't work to punish you xD

  4. Tbh i was about to downvote you as well, but in my position i can solve this in another way. And that's a warning actually.. If you read our general forum rules you'll find this in case you never checked them. 2: Offtopic, Flame posts , bad behaviour will not be tolerated Bad behaviour, flaming trolling, fighting,racism, drama, threatening others, talking about police , goverment , lawyers etc, are not allowed at all. (Continuous bad behavior EVEN at PMs/Profile Comments/Spam section are not allowed ,punishable by Moderators ONLY) Punishment: 1st is warning, 2nd pm , 3rd permanent ban.
  5. Ppl came to help you and all you did was to flame them because someone said it's easy better make it on your own lol and you flamed everyone after that. So i can't see the "there is no reason for downvote". You get what you give!
  6. A preview would be nice, but snice it's a pack of shares its ok if you couldn't post some previews. Thanks for sharing it with us!
  7. Best of luck mate! Seems like a decent server.
  8. i don't really care about this, i only care about the fact that even this project which started by a staffer here (i mention he's staffer in order to understand that there are no exceptions here, both staffers and members should follow some rules) its topic got junked, why should we allow everyone else selling them?
  9. first of all l2jnetwork is dead :p and secondly no one here allowed them to sell this project, even the project topic was junked.
  10. If these sources are the old ones they are already shared way back.
  11. Here is my try: if you like it pm me to send you the image and the psd.