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  1. You read my mind or what? ;p I was searching yesterday if there is any private server for L2Revolution, it is indeed a great game, but after playing on the US or UK servers don't really remember waiting for the EU version i felt it was way harder than it was, i guess it's because it's a new server but still, the way the worked on the EU server made it really hard to play, you have to pay in order to get some assist or if you're not willing to pay you have to wait some times 24h to reload the daily-weekly quests, dungeons etc so you can achieve the next level required to start the next quest, meaning if you want to play for hours you simply can't without the boost on elite dungeon, the dungeons and the quests it's a waste of time trying to exp on zones you gonna need like 4,5 hours for 10,15%?!?!. From my point of view it's kinda easier to play on the Official on PC than on mobile which shouldn't be that hard with a 130 maximum level cap.
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  7. @devaltor Hello mate is there any change of updating download link or should i lock it?
  8. @Sinnocent Hello mate is there any change of updating video and download link or should i lock it?
  9. @Sinnocent Hello mate is there any change of updating download link or should i lock it?
  10. [Forum bug] Can't ignore members

    About awards, awards system is about to be updated and if i'm not wrong awards is currently disabled in order to update it
  11. xDrac banned or nay?

    On IPS banned members looks like normal members as well because they're not moved into a banned membergroup but still they can't access the forums. Look every banned member it's the same thing.
  12. Staffer Promotions for

    true melron deservers a promote too.
  13. Staffer Promotions for

    In my opinion gmods have to stay as they are, they're just fine for that position and there is no need for someone else to be gmod. L2mods as well, they are both where they should be. About other staffers, no hate but i didn't saw paranoic doing something to moderate the forum ;p and baggos and reborn should get a promote to l2jdev mods since they are more active on these sections and they are skilled as well to be on that position.
  14. just type //recall HisName and he will be recalled to you.
  15. Back to work! Now you can find more services from our team including Client development, Web development, Java development by our team members. Our Website: Our Forums: