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  1. @Blyat contact me with details such as client, what pages you want etc to discuss about it.
  2. Stay on topic guys. If you don't want to help and just want to spam move to the corresponding spam topics.
  3. He has an account here? If yes post his account and the proper proofs as well here. /Moved to the proper section!
  4. oti pisteueis oti kapoios tha niwthei afentiko an kanei warning me kseperna. me exeis mperdepsei me ton Zake h pisteueis oti oloi skeftonte me tin diki su logiki..
  5. @Celestine You have links to update the current ones buddy? These are dead. p.s. don't upload them in zippyshare, they delete files after some time
  6. Φοβάμαι μην με διώξει
  7. From an old topic i've seen that it was related to this config gameserver/config/idfactory.properties # Tell server which IDFactory Class to use # Options are: # Compaction (Original method), # BitSet (One non compaction method - default), # Stack (Another non compaction method) IDFactory = BitSet # Check for bad ids in the database on server boot up # Much faster load time without it, but may cause problems BadIdChecking = True
  8. tha to scammareis k auto meta dn leei