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  1. don't be that racist with albanians lol.. development and everything has nothing to do with the race, the origin or anything else of someone.
  2. kaneis den sou eipe na min eisai sto forum, otan omws trws ban giati ekleves accounts kai sinexizes na kleveis perissotera profanws den eisai apodektos edw pera. mporouses opws kanoun polloi alloi na kaneis alt accounts anti na kleveis accounts kai na mpaineis me palia accounts mono k mono gia na fainesai palios.. na mn pw gia tote pou isoun Gold Member kai ekanes ena post me to main kai alla 15 feedbacks, reps klp me alt accounts. den kserw ti einai xeirotero, to oti milouses monos sou me 15 diaforetika accounts kai ekanes sizitisi me ton eauto sou ousiastika h oti eklves accounts?! hard2say..
  3. To be fair, i wouldn't trust you either, a member with 3 active posts and no activity at all. Maybe @Kara` you could open a test server in order to let him "check" the files in order to buy it, other than that, without money i can't blame Kara why he didn't gave files first.
  4. like Nightwolf said, there are 2 options. @MarianG give him a valid key or refound the money, otherwise it is indeed scam and you will be punished.
  5. εγω ακομα παιζω αλλα δεν αξιζει, ειχα παρατησει κανενα 5μηνο γυρισα πισω πριν κατι μερες να δω τι παιζει και πανω που λεω νταξ μπορει να το φτιαξανε βαλανε καινουριο patch εχθες με DC Heroes καινουρια πραγματα, για να παρεις ενα costume armor + weapon + dc pet + dc pet equipment πρεπει να πληρωσεις κοντα στα 250$ και δεν μπορεις να τα παρεις παιζοντας η με farm και λεω νταξ, καπου εδω φευγουμε εκλαψα να ξερεις χδ
  6. δεν ξερω κατα ποσο θα πιασει, ηδη εχουν ξενερωσει αρκετα (including me) με το L2Revolution αν πανε παλι με την ιδια λογικη δεν θα πετυχει το ιδιο πιστευω
  7. if i'm not wrong it was just not working. now on topic, @MarianG did you solve the problem with temple?