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  1. Nah, people tend to respect other peoples rules in this forum. There are some boundaries we don't cross and that includes sharing acis latest source. Well nothing stops him from picking any project really, including aCis. It's just mxc distribution that will be hard. Your files are shared on pretty much any other l2 related website.
  2. Thread won't work mate. Just put it on your signature and start spamming around. You will have some hours before they notice and remove it.
  3. Ναι παίρνει. Δεν έχω δει αποδείξη αλλά ξέρω που δουλεύει και για την θέση του, αυτά τα λεφτά είναι απολύτως λογικά.
  4. Which, just like the aCis ToA which is copied from, have no actual effect.
  5. That would be illegal to do and he would be in deep shit if he does. It's a false DMCA claim. His pack is in some way based on some form of L2j which is under GPLv3. Privatising such a project without making your source code changes public is against the license. Pretty much any private l2j project is guilty of that. If it was me, I would take him to court. Btw, if anybody jumps into this convo, I won't reply. It's not disputable.
  6. Χαχαχα παίζει ναι. Αφου έφυγα απο το μαγαζί το είχα δείξει σε αρκετους (Γιάννη, Μπογάδες κλπ) οπότε μάντεψε.
  7. Έκανα το ίδιο απο τα 14 γιατι το time keeping γινόταν στο client side. Απλά άμα τον παγώσεις μπορεί να σε πιάσουν. Καλύτερα να βάλεις να κυλάει 50-70% πιο αργά. Είχα γλυτώσει άπειρα φράγκα.
  8. Even though I hate customising the client, this one looks like a nice implementation of the system. Good luck with your sales.
  9. It is, however I would advice you to change the api key to one of your own. On top of that, I would advice you use SSL on the l2 webserver but this is optional.
  10. I was there when the Chinese got banned up until 2012 and then I was on and off as I am now. Back in the day, yes it was insanely populated. Not anymore. That's all I'm saying.
  11. Mate I'm actively playing. It doesn't have anything near that number. Not even close.
  12. That's not really true. Elite is not that populated. It has a solid online count but nothing insane and not as high as it used to be. Around the 400-500 real players mark peak.
  13. L2jRoboto is now completely rewritten in Kotlin and part of L2Extend. Currently working on the ingame admin control panel for bots. I will start with basic things like Name, Level and AI and it will get more advanced with buffs, armor, weapon and scheduled spawns and routines. https://i.imgur.com/XQBcKKd.gifv
  14. I still don't see your point. Constants are compile time computed values. You cannot be faster or safer than that. Enums in java are static classes. Even if you have more states, you are replacing what seems to be the same HTML in every state. Just use a variable for the part that's checking and make a method that returns the rest of the string. Anyway, I don't wanna litter your topic with my replies. Just said something I observed. For detailed explanation you have my skype.
  15. You can still parameterize the query, I don't see why you need the enum. There is absolutely no need for it and even if there was, this is not a good enum usecase. Just move your data access stuff in a DAO class and create your methods there. You should have separate getTopPvp and getTopPk methods for readability and usability purposes. Those methods can use the same private parameterised method behind the scenes. Also don't use a switch for a check with one state. That's what an if check is there for. Your whole code you pasted can become this: while (rset.next()) { i++; sb.append(getTableColor(i)); sb.append("<tr><td width=50 align=\"left\">" + i + "</td><td width=140 align=\"left\"><td>" + rset.getString(1) + "</a></td><td width=150 align=\"left\">" + (type == ONLINE ? Util.formatSecondsToTime(rset.getInt(2), true) : rset.getInt(2)) + "</td></tr></table>"); } Also also, prefer StringBuilder when you deal with multiple string concatenations as String is immutable and StringBuilder isn't. PS also also also, don't say "constant variable". A constant is a constant, it isn't a variable. That's the whole point. It's value can't change.
  16. From a coding standpoint, this looks like a really bad practice. Why do you need an enum for a constant? There is absolutely no reason to have an enum. It might impress someone that has no clue, but people who know can see through this bad idea. Anyways, why do I care, good luck with your sales.
  17. 9014 is an internal port so you don't need to open it unless you are hosting the login and the game server in separate machines. It's also, just inbound ports, not outbound.
  18. 1. No you can't. But even if you try, I won't be here to listen. Just wanted to beat a dead horse a little bit on a Sunday morning. 2. It actually doesn't make me feel like a thief at all. It feels like justice. Oh and btw, I was offered to files in order to work on them. I didn't have any personal interest in them and I deleted them once i finished. Cya
  19. You took a GNU GLPv3 open source project, privatised it and try to make a profit out of it. You are not a thief. You are an open source license violator, which is equally illegal and punishable. Ofc nobody cares, and neither will I, but it's the truth, so don't try to play the victim. Develop a better DRM if you wanna protect "your work" next time.