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  1. I think ive seen a golang attempt of this on GitHub already EDIT: Actually a couple https://github.com/mikesaidani/l2go/tree/master/gameserver https://github.com/kuochaoyi/l2go_prototype (Fork of the first one) https://github.com/kuochaoyi/L2Go_Server
  2. I've seen clean PHP code. It doesn't need comments. If it does, then the code is bad. Simple as that. Obviously if you needed to do some hacky thing tha you need the next person who will look at it to know why you did it, that's fine, but purely from a code and structure perspective, you don't need them. For example aCis is full of super long methods that violate SP and thus needs comments. If it was coded properly, it wouldn't. Anyway this is going waaaaay off topic so I'm gonna disappear. Cya
  3. I don't think I've ever seen any of your codes so I don't judge you on that. I judge you purely on the fact that you think comments are a must because it tells me 2 things, which apply for every single language including PHP. Your methods/variables/arguments are names so poorly that you need comments to tell me that they are Your methods are written so poorly that you need comments to tell me what they do Write better, self documenting code and you won't need comments. (TODOs and method summaries are not comments)
  4. Not a single person laughs when I'm starting a topic. They just click the link and download :) If your code needs comments, then rewrite it because it's bad
  5. Wait a second, because I thought that you were trolling. Are you saying that my code is bad because it doesn't have comments?
  6. I don't think anyone is fighting. It's just good old mxc bants. Good for your system at least once a year. This is the most action MXC will see in 2021.
  7. What are you even talking about? Fake players and phantom engines have been in the game since 2013 at the very minimum. You didn'tinvent anything and you weren't a catalyst for any of my shares. I did Roboto because I wanted to make a fake player engine and I did Autobots because of StinkyMadness and that's the story. I really can't understand what you're saying here. Do you think that L2 AI needs Finite state machines or Behavior trees to be good? (I am sure you need to google this one so take your time). If from 2013-2018 you had 0 improvement then it is sa
  8. Awwww, I didn't know you guys are sucking each others dicks. That's so cute. Now just to invalidate your argument, let's see. Roboto: Completed Autobots: Completed Autofarm: Completed Yeah, I have to say, I don't really see your point buddy.
  9. Yes it is racist. Classifying a group of people based on their race and using that to degrade them based on a stereotype is the definition of racism. Some of the best developers I work with are Latinos. You are so ignorant it's actually sad. Look, if I wanted to trash you for your codes, I could do so, but at the moment I have better things to do. I only like judging people on the stuff the wrote recently because people improve and I also like to judge people on "solutions", not 500 line shares. That's uninteresting.
  10. I was actually fact-checking that you haven't shared anything note-worthy I didn't even look at the code because I don't there is nothing to find there :)
  11. First, let's ignore you racist comment. I see you talk a lot about Roboto (a 4 year old project). Not that you can actually code anything close to that. My shittiest code is still better than the best code that you have ever written. Also funny that you don't add Autobots into your shit talking. How come? Ah yeah cuz that's light years better than anything you will ever write. Also why don't you open source anything? Why don't you share? If you're than good, surely you would be fine doing so. (I don't consider your 200 line shit-posts shares) Such a great d
  12. It's a clown emoji. Look at the mirror and you'll see it
  13. Forgot to add delusional in my list. Literally a joke
  14. I find this hilarious, because I honestly thing that from every "dev" that has been involved in this thread, Kara is undoubtedly the worst (yeah Vilmis is orders of magnitude better) and he has the biggest mouth. The unjustified confidence and audacity is hilarious.
  15. For the record I have nothing personal with no one. I only judge people based on what they demonstrate in their code and their actions.
  16. Ok so it's Saturday and I have taken next week off so I'm in a good mood and I will give you an answer on why Orion is trash. I know that you gonna probably ignore the majority of this and call bullshit, but I'm gonna write it anyway so people can see how wrong you are. Keep in mind that this is all my own personal opinion. You do you. Btw @L2RAPTOR I want you to know that the ONLY reason that I spent time writing this post was because you provoked me. You only have yourself to blame. No one else. Elsa - Let it go Orion is based on L2jFrozen, which was frozen (no p
  17. Here's how it goes. I'm at a point where if I say something is trash, then it's probably trash. Depending on you who are, I might explain why. In your case for example, I won't.
  18. Absolutely. Those are all 100% correct statements.
  19. My opinion is from a developer, so if you only care about a player or admin perspective, then explaining it would make no difference. Ignorance is bliss
  20. So here is what happens and trust me it took me a fuck ton of time to figure this out when I originally used it in L2BattleRoyale. This is also unique to Interlude and I don't think in happens in future chronicles which means they fixed it. If both players spawned near the area where the initial creation of the packet happens then they can both see it fine because I am assuming you are using current location as the ExServerPrimitive initial center point. However, if you spawned away from where the packet is created then you cannot see it. In order to fix that you have
  21. I know that Deazer hates me and I don't like the guy either but objectively Lucera is better coded and uses better tech. The bar is low for both projects but if Lucera is a 10 then aCis is a 6, purely based on tech and code. That doesn't make it a better project, but the java side is more on par which what you would see but someone who writes Java for a living rather than someone who is self taught. That being said, aCis is a better overall project. A project isn't just the code. It's the leadership, the direction, the monetization model and so much more. So yeah i