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  1. and what's the point of this item?
  2. you can use these shared npc's for freya if you want,it's not only for interlude,just need make lines for your server in npcgrp file and thats all :) i wrote that it is for IL client,because npcgrp taken from there.
  3. Sexy? what about these? I think I will find some nice npc's :) or maybe you want sexy girls from GTAV ? :D
  4. Hello guys... I created this topic to share custom npcs for Interlude servers and time to time I'll update it with new shares :) Credits: Me Nr.1 - (2 NPCs) Download Link: Nr.2 - (1 NPC) Download Link: Nr.3 - (2 NPCs) Red&Blue Download Link: Nr.4 - (1 NPC) GK Download Link: