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  1. it's good to see a stable c3 sevrer.. and how players enjoying the game! i hope more ppl to join us..
  2. L2 will live 4ever! We grew up with l2.. and it's bcs we live in 2k19 we can create totaly new game modes and less bugs! About clients above IL.. hell no.. we don't like kamaels, 4th class and r99 sh1ts..
  3. Have you check l2 in mobile?! yes? what's your oppinion?
  4. WTS.. dc set +6+6+8+8 zaken valakas+6 AQ+9 baium+6 am+0 db+8 pm here
  5. catsGuard.. As trance said 3-4years ago.. "CatsGuard is a shitty cracked version of lameguard."
  6. read again...
  7. IA is still open.. but.. you can't play on a server that allowing bots and with donate items cost over 2k usd! plus the client.. that's why i'm looking for an IL
  8. As the title says.. any server like illicit awakening exist?
  9. i reinstall the client and nothing.. a friend send me his and i replace it.. still nothing!!
  10. i was playing normaly.. and after one servers patch i get this..!! i reinstall my client.. i change server.. but the colors is this..! pls help temporary image hosting
  11. Psaxnw dev na exei asxoli8ei stin meria tou client kai sto l2jacis.. na 3erei.. na ftiaxnei custom quests custom npc (den ennow shops/gk) custom instances custom textures custom pvp system etc. steilte mou pm.. fusika gia ka8e douleia pou kanei 8a plironete!
  12. I searched the internet for some problems,but I still can't find a solution.. 1) I want to make infinity weapons enchantable ,augmentable and available for all chars..I want them to be able to equip infinity weapons even if they are 1 lvl ( with grade penalty of course) 2)I configure the stats of the apella's main part ,but ingame chars don't need to buy the whole set to get them..just the main...( I got the ids from navicat) I tried to solve it through armor_sets.xml..the armor with the right ids exists
  13. exw kapia problimatakia ta opia kanw search k dn briskw! :/ 1.. 8elw na kanw ta infinity weapons enchant-able kai na ta forane oloi oi chars apo 1lvl.. (ane3artita apo to grade penalty)2.. peirazw ta stats tis apella main.. alla in-game dn xriazete na foresw set gia na parw t stats p ebala.. mono t kommati p eftia3a(ta ID tis apella ta peira mesa apo to navicat)(ekana peiramata kai st armor_sets.xml.. uparxi h armor me ta swsta id) 3.. sto custom shop enw dixnei ka8e kommati tis apella(light-heavy-robe) otn pataw na agorasei.. agorazei mono helmet! ligo help 8a t i8ela..!