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  1. Server successfully launched maybe we didn't not get a great amount of players but the people that joined are satisfied if you would like to test our server and see by your self on what we can offer you feel free :) Big events are coming be there to earn your rewards and much more ! We build a server for players not for money www.l2riseofphoenix.com
  2. Open beta successfully started today, we welcome you all to test our features and if you feel that you found a bug please report it on our forum and we will start looking on it ! All beta tester will win rewards on grand opening stay tune and enjoy our server !
  3. Dear players we present you our newest server ! Chronicle: High Five Part 5 Open Beta Testing: August 15 2020 at 18: 00 (UTC+01:00) Time.Opening Date: August 31, 2020 at 20: 00 (UTC+01:00) Time website :https://l2riseofphoenix.com/ forum : https://forum.l2riseofphoenix.com/ Basic Rates experience : x25skill points: x25adena: x8drop: x8 (recs-keys 1x)spoil: x8safe enchant: 4max enchant: 16normal ecroll enchant rate: 60%blessed scroll enchant rate: 65% element stone rate: 40%element crystal rate: 30%
  4. Trusted person talk with him 2 days ago yesterday i made a payment and ask from him banner and intro, He finished all of them today and always ask you if you like it or want to chance smth on it !
  5. Hello community ! I've been a l2 player since 2009 when we where farming on varka hiting lvl79 trying to enchant our weapons as much as we could and then make pvp outside of goddard now for me that was the experience that make me love lineage 2 it was so much fun and not a lot of weird things existed back then! Share your experience of how you first started playing l2 and what make you wanna play it till today ! :)
  6. if i remember well is about the geodata or pathnotes something i remember existing in a previous server that i had play try to find also @Nikat this forum this guy can help you
  7. L2tower had one addon for that if I remember well was pvpsuit
  8. Greedy bastards wtf u doing? Formal u just die... Your era of l2 is over goodbye
  9. Mhh people can exploit that I thnk
  10. Tales seems going pretty well I think vercetti is back ingame good job to admins. Ps kinda reminds me the first tales h5 they started this way and get to the top..... Wish I had time to play would be a amazing experience
  11. [quote name="Celestine" post="2642751" timestamp="1499196416 Happy to see you moderator respect you deserve it
  12. This shit is getting real
  13. I stopped playing l2 since some months ago.And about the concept of the tales server u will beget demolished dude soon no one will play at your servers u are the most retard person I ever meet online. You will see how tales will dominate the left of 2017 this idea is just brilliant .. Ps I'm not a fan of tales or something just saying my opinion peace out bitches
  14. Oh no i don't troll forlan is the most retard person... Even worst than vercetti in the day's of his future who ever play on hes server's must be ultra idiot...
  15. Legendary good luck bro maybe u won't achieve the maximum online but I see what you are doing and is inspiring keep it up like this and one day you will rule