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Guide How To Use L2Lige (Client Modification)

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I have the same problem as someone mentioned some posts before. I can update the system folder via l2Lige without errors. It only sais that the l2.exe is not patched. Anyway what I have NOT in my program version ist the options below the "patch system" buttons. In other words l2.exe, wild card etc. But the first download link doesnt work and the official link too.


Furthermore, if I patch the system I cannot start it with my current l2.exe (since its no gonna be patched). Someone said "take an original exe and paste it". Is that all, can someone shar it?





Here is my l2.exe,, dunno if it would work tho



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why dont u just use a patch from some server?


Every patch from a private server is patched alrdy.. no need to patch it urself then


@ the crit error:

Copy the text on google and you'll find a solution

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Link is off...atleast for me

btw good job this program is amazing


I refreshed the link few hours ago..


Link for prog was on website, but owner quitted the project due to some morons >.>

Search on L2Lige here on forum, if i remember well the owner uploaded the latest version recently in his topic

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holaaa mi l2 lige modifica chat y glow pero no se aplica a los titulos de npcs  y raid boss, toodos los npcs de mi server tienen titulo color verde , y no se como cambiarlo , intente con l2 lige y file edit , espero una solucion ya sea modificando el system o desde la base de datos , muchas gracias  


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    • Hello everyone, I have a problem running the server connected everything is fine I try to go moving instead of some printers but don't go. Trying to move but not moving as if something was interfering with the admin I tried not to walk and beat.
    • You can pm Java developer @Zake to fix it with price.
    • Stop use packs without source.
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    • this is the material make it crash, Transient.ShadowBitmapMaterial16), something changed or edited in maps or called to function in NPC to make it crash, because it make reference to map 22_22 like say Rolo.
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