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  1. do it yourself. doing xml is so easy. just take other weapons as an example. btw don't use this version. its simply bad
  2. Hello Thank you for the share. For which chronicle is it comptabile? Regards CaptainRikou
  3. Do not bother contacting JohnBoy. I had a chat with him because I was interested in costumes for H5. I told him which ones I want and he offered me a price. I agreed to that so we had a deal. When adding him on skype he didnt bother to reply. All of a sudden he said "his partner" is not okay with that deal so its canceled. Asking him why he is not okay or if there is any other reason, I didnt receive answers anymore. Very unpolite and unprofessional. Dont waste your time, dont contact him in the first place.
  4. Hi Kali I am interested in buying costumes from you. I contacted you in skype and sent you direct messages in this forum. Unfortunately I did not receive an answer yet. Regards CaptainRikou
  5. Ok with help I was able to add it to H5 version. However the dragons color itself is entierly different than from the one in your video. Why is that case?
  6. Hello SGER This feature looks pretty good. Would you also do a H5 version? :) Regards CaptainRikou
  7. Hello Thats very interessting. I was also looking for those files but couldn't found them ;) Thank you Regards CaptainRikou
  8. ok the Thing with the shots worked :) thank you. I haven't tested the skills so far. Kind regards CaptainRikou
  9. Hello, First off all I want to thank you for this awesome share! Great Job. I've tested your files/your work. 1) Correction The correction of isaaclopes was necessary. Otherwise I couldn't spawn the items in my inv. 2) Glow The glow Looks as it should (first Impression). There is just 1 Thing that bothers myself a bit. The official site says "The weapon's Name and Color Change according to the upgrade stage." In my opiniong, Color means the glow itself from the weapon. But as far as I have seen it, it's always the same regardless of the stage. I might have seen stronger and weaker effects in a Video, but I don't remember that so much. 3) Skills The active and passive skills are not done yet right? No offense, I'm just curious (didn't find the skills) 4) Weapon Stats I've also checked the P.Atk/M.Atk Change of the weapons. Looks ok so far. Let's take a lvl 3 weapon, it says it increases your Atk.Speed by 1500. If you wear it you get an Atk. Speed boost, but not 1500. Do i misunderstand it, or is it just not yet fixed? Thank you again and Keep it up ;) CaptainRikou Edit 29.10.14: What shots do you use with those weapons? Can you even use them? S-grade don't work.
  10. Same here. Itemname is allright. But weapon and armaorgrp cannot correctly be saved.