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  1. yeah my friend you are right then stop asking this makes no sense seems someone cannot play w/o auto things
  2. why would someone send you something? regarding to their server protection it's crap few line of code can be bypassed and you can use anything you want a bit knowledge it needs and you can do w/e u want
  3. Most likely you will be scammed a lot of people re-selling L2Eola files and claim that it''s different buy lucera2 or start working by ur self on acis files not worth wasting even 1 cent into preconfigured server files
  4. this server still made by girls? No 1 corrupted brazilian server i ever played in my life not even worth wasting ur time
  5. Tsampa ta kerasmata p ekane o pateras sou otan geni8ikes.
  6. Kai tora douleuis sta lidl me metaptixiako?
  7. to sxolio to telioses re tsoglani?
  8. Apo pote o mpampas egine `trele mou` ?
  9. Oso elipa elpizo na kserete pou imouna rotiste ligo tis mamades sas mipos dikeouste kana epidoma politeknou prepei na to pianete.
  10. 8imiste m ligo poies lougkres eiste perasan xronia
  11. Afou den pe8anes esu apo kakia arostia den prokite na figo egw na ksereis.
  12. Ama girisan ta palio trabelia prepei na girisi kai o ntavatzis kalispera loipon...
  13. Afto to post einai isa isa to entry level gia na mpis se mia sizitisi mazi m.
  14. Dask? akoma yparxei aftos? malaka egw efaga to ban aftos xa8ike? pou einai o na tou briso ligo oti agapaei
  15. good project about haters you yall know avoid them
  16. Awesome job well done a interface that has everything u need my best friend uses it and as i saw it has a lot of options for anything you want keep up the great work
  17. great interface helped me a lot with everything just to inform beware there is a guy teddy as i saw on a facebook group trying to sell this interface to some brazilians if i find the post i will send a picture there thanks for share
  18. played all his c6 servers was pretty fun even if we hate him he make great servers good luck
  19. see what? they say it's l2j platform and seems lucera based.
  20. when you add them the head gear is missing... i mean the look is complete but only the helm is missing from each part for interlude
  21. Bring back the smf times lol.
  22. Highly supported and 100% reccomended as client development services. :)