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Guide How To Use L2Lige (Client Modification)

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Hello everybody,,

I'd like to start saying that I didnt make this program, I only made the guide for it ;p
Credits for the prog goes to > Sakaszli.

In this guide I'll (try) you to explain how the prog works, and wath we can do with it.
Basicly its a program wich contains all programs you need to add modifications to your system.
All the changes you make wont effect the game-play of others,, neither they can see you got it!

1) The Download + Installation

1.1 Download

Before we even can start you will have to download the program. Here is the site where you can download it
> Click me to download

Go to the link and simply click at "==Download==". Looks like this: 2j5mk4o.jpg

1.2 Installation

Now we will go install the program. I'll chose for english language so everybody can follow easily.

When you run the setup you will get this screen:


Chose for your own language (if listed) and otherwise pick English.

When you chose your language the setup wizard will begin.
At the first screen just click "Next".


On the next page you can chose where to save your program. Simply use "Browse" if you want to change
the directory. When done, click "Next".


This next option is not really nessairy, i never use them so i just disable it by ticking off the little box.
If you do want it you can save it there or browse for another location.
Afther then press "Next".


If you want to create a shortcut you can click the little boxes.
When ready click "Next"


The next page is a little summary of the installation guide, here you can re-check all the paths
and options you chose, if you want to change anything you can press "Back", if its OK just click "Install".
Installing will just take like a second.

When the program is installed just click "Finish"! and we are done installing.


2) The program

If you open the L2Lige with the launcher (i always do) you can see we got 3 options.
We will see them from the bottom up, so lets begin.


2.1 About

You dont really need this, but in here are all the people that helped making/testing the programs used.
You can read it once and thank those people ;)

2.2 L2 File Edit

This version of File Edit is made by CriticalError.
The version supports all clients from C4 upto Freya.

I wont explain everything you can do with this program, cause this guide is made for l2lige.

So open your launcher and click at "L2 File Edit"

If you want to edit a file, always start with chosing the client.
You can do that here:


We will use these next options.


I think u understand all the options that are listed right there,,
Wont need further explination ;p

2.3 L2 Lige

Finally you made it trough,, now we gonna start the serious buisiness! ;)
Everything you can do with L2 Lige can basicly also be done with L2 File Edit, or some other progs.
Still, this prog will make it all a bit easyer ;p

Lets start,
Open your L2 Lige using the launcher. when you open L2Lige he will ask the language you want.
You got 4 options, Polish, English, Spanish or Portuguese.

To show you guys some things i'll use the English version, since everybody should be able to understand that ;p

2.3.1 Directory

First you must change the direction to your client.
In the new update of L2Lige there are 2 ways to change it.

Go in your L2Lige to "Change Directory"
There you got 2 options to chose, the new path finder, or the old one.


>> Old Directory

Well its really simple, mainly the same as with all other programs.
Just click at "Change Directory". You will a little screen where you can search your l2-client wich you want to modify.
You just have to search your Lineage2 folder, not your system.
(In my case its E:\Michael!\Alles van Lineage\Lineage_FREYA)

When found click "Ok"

>> New Directory

This is a new(er) version and its really easy in use. Just chose the disk where your l2-client is on and he will search
it all for you! If you got several clients, then you can chose 1 specific client by clicking the little arrow.

2.3.2 Settings

When you go to your Settings tab you will see several things.


Here you have to say what client you are gonna modify. Let's explain it a bit.
The first Lineage2Ver is the Header Version, you may keep this on 413.

The option "Ini" will you only need if you go edit your "L2.ini-file", if you want to modify a IL client, chose for
Interlude, if you want to modify a later client, then chose for Kamael+.

The next Lineage2Ver is you L2Version, so here you got to chose the client you want to modify.
Diffrent versions:
C3 ----------- Chronicle 3: Rise of Darkness
C4 ----------- Chronicle 4: Scions of Destiny
C5 ----------- Chronicle 5: Oath of Blood
Interlude ---- Interlude
CT1_0 -------- Throne 1: The Kamael
CT1_5 -------- Throne 1.5: Hellbound
CT2_1 -------- Throne 2: Gracia - Part I
CT2_2 -------- Throne 2: Gracia - Part II
CT2_3en ------ Throne 2: Gracia - Final
CT2_4en ------ Throne 2: Gracia - Epilogue
CT2_5en ------ Throne 2: Gracia - Freya

The next box you see are skins, try them maybe you like one more then the basic one ;)

2.3.3 System Patcher

You will only need this when you use a retail system.

Go to the tab "System Patcher"
Chose the client you are going to use (in my case Freya so > CT2_5)
If you want you can also tick on the following boxes > L2.exe, WildCard and UniChat.


When ready click at "system Patching"

You will see this>


This may take some time... so just be patient ;)

When its ready you will see "Press any key to exit".  Well do it then ;)

Your system is now patched and ready to add some modifications ;)

2.3.4 Npcname.dat

With this tab you can edit the names/titles and colors or NPC's and Mobs.
So lets see what we can do.


Go to the tab "Npcname-e.dat" and click at "Load". (If you might get an error there are 2 things you have to check,
1. Is my system patched?
2. Did i use the right settings for my client?)

Then, use the Find/Go to ID button to find the NPC you want to edit.
I chose for Maximilian as example.

In the next box you will see the ID this NPC has (For the GM's > //spawn 30120 will be Maximilian)

-In the box title you can edit the title of the NPC
> As example i changed mine to "I HATE YOU"
In the box under it you can change the color of the title (Made mine pink-red)


-If you want to change the name of a NPC you can do it in the boxes below
It basicly works the same as changing the title

If you finished editting all the npcs you wanted click at "Save" (next to load) and your Npcname-e.dat will be automaticly saved.

Note: Do not click "Add", this button will add a new NPC to the list, wont change one!

2.3.5 Systemmsg-e.dat

This is the one i like most. In this file you can edit every message that appears in your chat-box!
(Ofcourse not the ones written by players...)

To start click on "Load"

[NOTE: C4 doesnt support on-screen messages, so if you want to edit systemmsg-e.dat from a C4 client you will have to import it and turn off "Onscreenmsg".

So> First click "Load" then click "Import". A screen will open, there you can select the things you want to import (Not the onscreenmsg), then select the chronicle (C4) then click "Import".
Again a screen will open, here you have to search your systemmsg-e.dat file.
This may take a second, so just be patient.

You will get this:


Lets see what we got.
As we had in Npcname-e.dat we got here also a box to search your ID or name.

If you want to edit a message, search the message and select it.
Then you can change a few things.

> Color of the message
- You can change this at "Color [RGB]", if you just click in this box you will get a little screen with
diffrent colors wich you can chose of. If you want to chose your own color follow the picture.
(sorry thats it in dutch, but it takes the language of your pc i guess)


> The message itself
- If you want to change the message itself just select the message you want to change and write in the box
"Message" what u want instead.

> Itemsound
- Here you can add itemsounds to your messages, so when the message you editted appears in the chat, you will
hear the sound you putted there.
(I dont really use this cause i think i would turn nuts of all those sounds ;) )

> On-screen message
- If you want to add an on-screen message to this message then tick the box on.

> Screen position
- Here you can chose where the on-screen message will be displayed on your screen.
(just click where you want it)

> Time (in seconds)
- This is the duration of your on-screen message, so how long it should be displayed.
Do not take this to long... I can tell you, 1 second i long enough to read it.

> Submsg
- This is the message that will be displayed on your screen. You can write here anything you like
to be displayed.

If you succesfully editted the message you can just go to the next one, it automaticly saves the settings
for the message.

When you modified all the messages you want click "Save" and you are ready ;)
2.3.6 INI Files

In this tab we edit 2 files at the same time, L2.ini and User.ini .
I will first explain basic, and afther that advanced.


Go to your "INI files" tab and click "Load" to open your files.


Mainly you only need the boxes wich i marked red.
and it mainly all speaks for itself, so here we go

Server IP
> Its the IP of the server you play (Here you can take the IP of the server for your bot programs )

Port number
> The Port of the server you play

Viewing Range
> Distance how far you can see
If you got a good pc, you can increase this range, if not i'd suggest to keep it retail

GPU memory using
> If you got a good pc, you can increase this, if not i'd suggest to keep this retail

Zoom out speed
> How fast you zoom out

Zoom in speed
> How fast you zoom in

Next we got some extra things you can chose:

Sounds: Turn them on or off
Hide client window frame: No window frame around your client
Ultimate zoom out: Scroll out really far! (Works for freya, already tested)
Ghost Camera: Example > http://i.imgur.com/FfdVc.jpg
When char runs, camera goes back to normal position: turn on or off
Normal bri/con/gamma: Takes normal brightness, contrast and gamma.

Middle mouse click:

Hide/show fog: Fog disabled  (normal when you look some further you see fog, then it wont)
Super wallhack: Like shooting-games (example bit further)
Hide/show floor: No floors!
Hide/show pointer motion: doesnt show pointer anymore (That blue circle when you walk)
Show/hide red thing around objects/players: Marks players red. (example next)

Me standing in front of clan hall, closed doors:


Now i click on my middle mouse:



The advanced version is basicly your L2 File Edit.
Only here you see user.ini and l2.ini next to eachother.

You wont need this really much, only if you wanna add other things to your INI files.

This was already my second guide about client modifications.
Previous time i used several programs to edit everything, now i just needed 1.

I hope you enjoy adding modifications to your clients and make your patch a bit colorfull!

If there are any questions you can post them or mail me or Sakaszli.
I will try to keep the guide up-to-date.

In case of any bugs in the program send a mail to > kamilskor@o2.pl

- Guide: Michaeltje
- Program: Sakaszli



Guide should be fully updated right now,, if a new release of the program comes ill edit the guide when needed.


+Some fixes (many in grids)
+Now all forms are double buffered.


+App rewrite
+Full unicode support
+RU files support


+L2 ini files save fix (now Advanced + Basic)
+Fixed translations.
+No-phx interlude fix
+New path finder (small path select fix).
+Fix import in systemmsg-e.dat. if lines>20 then (import)
+Big fix on systemmsg-e.dat ( for c5 c4 c3) , no error now.
+Fix load settings (l2ver)
+Form X,Y, maxymalized ot not save to file.
+Some fix in main code...again xD

<<<<< 25.12.2012 >>>>>
+ Refreshed links
+ Removed pre-made files (can't re-upload them since i lost them  )

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This guide is just amazing.First 50% ,ok ,are easy things but very good things after

also,i didn't even knew about this program

good job,+1 karma for this ;)

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This guide is just amazing.First 50% ,ok ,are easy things but very good things after

also,i didn't even knew about this program

good job,+1 karma for this ;)


Thanks,, well ye installing it is really easy, but can better explain it then nobody have any troubles ;p


Edit: Thanks for the comments!

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Very nice post dude,thanks a lot :)

Btw upload the file at 4shared/rapidshare too please ;)

Keep up the good work.

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Very nice post dude,thanks a lot :)

Btw upload the file at 4shared/rapidshare too please ;)

Keep up the good work.


Extra links added, Multiupload (contains several sites)

and 4shared.


Thanks for all comments


ps. Guide should be fully updated now!,,

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Thanks for the guide :)


Quick question. you said that C4 doesn't support onscreen msg... how about C5 (Freya) ? Because I am trying to make it show my damage on screen but it doesn;t work :(

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