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Ucoz - Lineage 2 website templates


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Hello everyone and i got something for you.First i want to say i created this topic cause i was doing spamming yesterday , cause i really needed this L2NET for L2INC ( I was doing searching on google all day , didint find anything exept topic in maxcheaters, also i tryed modify l2.ini to get connected with L2NET IG ,and i failed because , i change serveraddress in l2.ini and protocol and i still could connect to server , i was very nervous yesterday), well i was doing bad yesterday , so now im doing something good back!Its usefull topic , because many L2 players wants get a CLAN WEBSITE! or even server website ( I doubt about that )


I spammed here --> http://www.maxcheaters.com/forum/index.php?topic=115264.0 < -- Again please forgive me



INTRO: Russians and only russians have created custom web designs for ucoz , and they got some pretty well designs , its easy to install , But you need ftp upload!


1.FTP client ( FileZillA )

2.Create account on Ucoz


3.And thats it also you need smart thinking!


Sites from ucoz you made , could look like this:



I created my own little site where i translate russian sites to english , but i create 1 template 1 week ,cause i search for bugs , and also im doing cool stuff! here is my little site i just created :



Other good template sites ( Choose your template and download it ):







and many more use google search GOOGLE.RU sertanly for .ru! and type in -->ucoz шаблоны ( Copy & Paste )


Template is downloaded ,  extract and inside folder there are more many folders like here:




as you can see some folders are in english and others on russian , use FTP client to upload ENGLISH folders ( English Letters ) to your ucoz website!


Anyways now we go for russian letters folder , Example : FOLDER name Глобальный блог <-- its global Bloks translated! or Страница сайта <-- Site pages , same folders you can find on ucoz  by going page editor --> Module design customisation! and up in corner on left you can find same folders !


If russian language is hard for you , change language on ucoz to russian , then the folders in ucoz will go russian letters , and now you open folder on ur computer ( Russian  letters ) Example : Страница сайта (FOLDER) you see files with notepad! and same time go to ucoz Module design customisation ( changed to russian language for moment ) , use your eyes to find same named folder in ucoz! open it , DELETE all HTML  --> go back to your computer copy the HTML code , and paste it to your website and SAVE IT , and voila , [glow=red,2,300]IF you want IT TO ENGLISH[/glow] You must know basics of HTML ,



If someone can do better tutorial please go on! it was very hard to create that , but i hope you understand! Any questions ?? if yes i will answer!

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woudn't this be better placed in developer section?

you post is very complicated try editing it, you give us a head ache


What's so hard for u to understand?? ... BTW only homemade lolservers have ucoz website

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