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  1. Admins make shit job and they try to kiddin' from us. They think that they set FBI picture on site and everybody will think that server was closed by FBI, but really they don't... Admins just take money from donations and start holidays. Peace.
  2. Shit happend with this server...
  3. As in subject, I'm looking for On screen damage (systemmsg-e.dat) configuration. Can somebody help?
  4. I think we will spent here a nice time playing and will be a lot of pvps :)
  5. Lithuanians server... No thanks
  6. Every of your sigs are in this same style, you just change render and colours...
  7. You make this same with text like in last one sig. I mean wrong place, just move it lil' bit higher or on left side (near render, center) and change fonts and sizes (smaller sizes and more visible fonts). Then play with render, more effects on it.
  8. And resize it (I mean use lower size of signature).
  9. RPG-CLUb x15 still alive? Are you know what you say? Yeah it's true that server is online but when you log it's dead... That's what I mean.
  10. 3rd start in 3-4 weeks? :) Hope, that this time will be okey...