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[IL][Share]Army Tank!!

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Hello ladies and gentlemans, this is my first 3D Share and i hope you like it, after a lot of ideas i decided to make a Tank for Lineage 2, i pick up Interlude Client and here is the results:








And download link[Collector's account(no limited to 10 downloads)]:





Basic model taken by one of my friends

after of 4 hours editing, adapting , colorizing and rotating the Tank is ready for L2, so the 80% of credits are going to me (Crash aka nepstep).


P.S. I want to thanks DevAngell because he upload dds plug-in for photoshop and l2 enc for me  :-* , also i want to thanks Chandy for send me download link of 3ds Max Studio :-*

P.S2. I hope you like my share and merry christmas  :D

P.S3. 4/7/2011 -> Download Link updated to 4shared.com

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lol a tank should be usefull in sieges wouldnt it ?!?!?!

lol,u are rightxD

about the share i rly like it ,gz and keep sharing with us..what about modify it on a server as a npc that sells good items and as title:"Are u ready for war??":D..thx u,downloading.

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