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  1. mia xara...omws dn einai lineage 22,einai lineage 3 : http://www.maxcheaters.com/forum/index.php?topic=101988.0
  2. Thanks for posting this,I needed this one :)
  3. EDIT: SERVER OPENED http://www.l2alagaisia.tk
  4. ty,redman.join us and ofc vote for us!
  5. I am BigBrother XD I just used that nick some years ago and though i could use it again. P.s Vote for us!
  6. I fixed title I will explain right now.
  7. I am making this post to inform you about the creation of a new interlude pvp server which is here to stay. Have a Nice Month Btw. L2Alagaisia Armors Gm Shop Buffer Scheme Buffer Cheap buffer Class Manager Remote Class Manager Kiki with everything you need from consumables to Quest Items. Skill Enchanter Npc Custom GateKeeper with All Zones. -Custom Zones- Farm Area Farm PvP Area Raid Boss Area(Still Working on it) Blessed Scrolls Area Adena Zone Balanced Classes Medium Difficulty Farming,not high stats in armors Pvp+Duel System ; CP,Mp
  8. nC guide,m8,but some things are different in my eclipse.(i did it by thinking a little bit though xD)
  9. If developers etc were good,I would play.Also depending on the rates etc
  10. I didnt say this is l3,lol.I just make fun of room209,and "experienced" player. gough gough
  11. Lineage III by Room 209 Room209,an experienced player,thought that lineage3 is possible. ;D Robes give mdef.Rings(Jewels) give pdef and matk. :-\ Weapons give pdef and patk.Tattoos give speed and matk. ??? There are new skills such as beg gm for items and GetALiFe. :o By Fate ;) P.S : This is not lineage III.Lineage III will be out on 2011.Anyway,i think it will suck :S.I just make fun of room209,a player from l2cyber. lol :S
  12. It actually does work.L2j Interlude,right? ;) As for photos,no,I won't upload any. If anyone tested this on his server and has got a screen,he could give it to me.