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  1. But with linux i can exploit your pc... :) And get full access, i can do your pc a zombie for DDoS Attacks.With Linux you cant get hacked.Dont call Linux lisux cuz you never see the powa of Linux ok ? With Windows an hacker can stole all your passwords with an very simple virus.At Linux no.You cant get infectet by viruses.
  2. Yes you can play lineage on Ubuntu.And on all other Linux OSes.You must install Wine and put the tahoma.ttf (I think) .Then you can play lineage.
  3. Edw einai elliniko section oxi aggliko.Reported giati kaneis spam...to pack doulebei kanonika.
  4. You can use Wine to run them.For Lineage servers you can use .sh files.Go to /gameserver/ and you will find some .sh files.For MSN you can use Pidgin or aMSN... Mono pou ta Linux den einai gia games...alla gia programatistes. ta pio polla programata pou bgenoun bgazoune kai idikes ekdosis gia Linux/Unix .An skeftis oti oi developers ton programaton douleboune panta se Linux... :)
  5. L2JFree ofc... l2jserver dont have any l2 phx protection... and a lot of bugs... l2jserver wants the packs to be retail-like... l2jfree and all other teams are fixing bugs,put tweaks,customs etc... so L2JFree 4 the win !
  6. 100stara stin germania mipws ? i se kapio allon dedicated ?
  7. Linux ofc Giati einai poli sta8era kai ekei mporeis na kaneis oti 8es... Egw sikgikrimena dialegw Arch Linux h FreeBSD
  8. 1 Guest are viewing this topic. File mou Gerero kai egw kserw na kanw bots kai na lew oxi sto poll... alla to mikro sou mialo sou dinei la8os entoles...
  9. re paidia eleos... o Godpower efage ban epidi o infamousbites aka flamingw0rm einai blakas(sorry gia afto) kai briksi programata sto internet kai ta dokimazei... alla pote den exei skefti ama einai BackDoored :D ... kai me auta ta programata kanei DoS epi8esis sto maxcheaters.... O GodPower den ftei se tpt...einai apla mia blakeia tou flamingw0rm....
  10. (1:54 ðì) infamousbites@ma: re malaka agorase to program auto kanei 5k ++ rixnei akoma kai youtube (1:54 ðì) ×ñÞóôïò: nai egw to kanio kano se 10 min me liga guide (1:54 ðì) infamousbites@ma: 0d0a0x00x0x x0axa0ax0 ok ok ok ok ok ok perimene (1:54 ðì) infamousbites@ma: perimenw xa00xa0xa0xa (1:55 ðì) ×ñÞóôïò: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C62UydJ1_Z8 idio http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-pH51HZHZNY same edw Afti edw einai i ali8ia...