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[Share] Pws na ala3ete to arxeiko spawn

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Kalhspera.einai to proto m share kai eipa na kanw ena share pws na ala3ete to arxiko spawn dld oi kenouri char na bgenoun sti farm zone px. Orea arxeizoume


1 Pame sto game kai pigenoume sto meros pou 8eloun na bgenoun oi kenouroi char.

2 Patame /loc kai 8a bgoun katw kati ari8moi o proto einai o (X) o deuteros o (Y) kai o tritos (Z) orea mexri edw tora

3 Pama navicat kai patame l2jdb fusika k meta psaxnoume to table char_templates kai to anoigete.

4 Tora sirste ti bara katw katw kai brite to koutaki p leei (X) meta dipla (Y) k pio dipla (Z).

5 Tora girizoume pali sto game kai pernoume to proto ari8mo dld to (X) k to bazoume sto (X) tou navicat se opia class 8eloume egw sas sinisto na to balete se oles to idio akrubos kai sto (Y) kai sto (Z). Auto htan oxi k toso diskolo eukolo.Pisteuo na sas help.


sas exw k mia foto apo to game k grafw k ekei panw tis odigies.dn mporesa na bgalw foto k apo to navicat  :'(




A k h foto einai dikia m egw eimai o DaRKBullxD dn eimai sto forum aplos sas eftia3a auto to share apo tou filou mou.


Elpizw na help kapion Cya. ;D



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Nomizw pws sxedon oloi to kseroun afto pleon!

All ok enas newbie mporei kai oxi!

Anyway...nice guide!

kurios gia tous kenourious to ekana :D

already shared with much more pics :)

thnx man but i have 1 problem and i haven't pic from navicat :/

oreo guide!!


Gia enan Newbie Idika!


Congrats  :D

thnx man
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dn to 3eroun oloi...

pandos to post einai poly boh8itiko gia tous Newbie hdika ;)





www.l2g-styler.webs.com    Join us Now!!!

thnx gia ta kala s logia :D
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