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  1. Hello, try the following: This should allow you to Debug your project and use breakpoints, Hot Swap of the Classes etc
  2. I am sorry, i was away due to the lack of free time available... If u like we can get in contact thru skype and give u more info about the project. I am planing to update the topic soon. skype : m1nistry
  3. thanks mate <3 i am a php developer and i find this a very very very helpfull guide!
  4. hehe, u don't have any thoughts? i will release these kind of info after the publish of the svn link so that u are forced to keep checking for updates. >:D Edit: See up for updates!!
  5. See up for updates! More project info can be found by contacting me on this forum or @skype : m1nistry. <<DONATES WILL HELP FINISH THE PROJECT FASTER,HOST OF THE PROJECT PAGE. AND WILL ALSO GIVE YOU ACCESS TO BETA PHASES.>>
  6. Xtreme-Panel!

  7. Thank you! I am not putting a download link just yet. When i finish version 1.9, i will lunch an e-shop to sell it here: www.molsec.net/xtreme-panel There will be free versions for All clients. Stay tuned! more info @skype: m1nistry
  8. thank you, i am updating with versions that will soon be available for sale. When that happens i will notify the topic with a link.
  9. Akou ton apopano, bale intel cpu kai xalase mia olokliri periousia se ena mixanima pou den tha xriazese oute ta misa pou tha sou parexi. Oso gia to an i intel exei 6 pirinous kai 8pirinous exeis dikio, texnologia 8x multi core den exoun xrisimopiisi.Otan eipa o antistixos 6-8pirinos tis intel enoousa apo i5 mexri i7. AMD 8 pirines = Intel 4 apla gelao mazi sou.Ante diavase reports pou bgikan apo benchmarks episima kai ase tis eksipnades se forums.
  10. To megethos tis kartas grafikon den tha sou paragi parapano FPS sto kathe programa ksexorista, alla tha sou parexi perisotero xoro mnimis gia na treksis parapano programata. Ti enoo... Otan tha trexis mono lol me (px) 80 fps kai meta aniksis kai ena lineage kai diafora alla programmata auta ta 2GB tha sou fanoune xrisima gt tha sou parexoun tin dinatotita na exeis 80FPS sto lol, X fps sto l2 kai osa alla sta alla programmata pou trexis. Den ksero an einai arketa ksekatharo auto, me sinxoris an den einai.. EDIT: Ean o skopos sou einai na xtipisis pola FPS, tha prepi na anevasis ta memory clock
  11. i dident judge, i just sayed that it's ugly, meaning not easy to use.Dident want to offend you. I am waiting you on skype to give u info about my work and capabilities.
  12. Lipon, I epiloges pikiloun... 1)Gia logous oikonomias mporis na dialeksis enan AMD epeksergasti (6 pirines = 115 euro) (8 pirines 140/150 euro), Allios an thes na paris enan Intel i antistixi (6 pirines,8pirines) anevenoun sta 400-500 euro.Prosopiki mou gnomi, pou tin ipostirizo apo tote pou ksekinisa na ftiaxno pc me AMD epeksergastes, einai na dialeksis AMD giati sto gaming kai genikos se doulies mi epagkelmatikes (px grafistas,arxitektonas) den dimiourgoun kanena problima. 2) Karta grafikon: Thelis na dialeksis mia pou na sou parexi kala Clocks(clock = i taxitita tis kartas) 800Mhz einai k
  13. I would like to participate as a developer on your team. I would start typing reasons why to accept me and not others, but this info is only for the person that is deciding who will get this position. I checked your forum, but it's kinda ugly, so i will preffer a skype/facebook or even e-mailing. Looking forward to hear from you.